Looking for a new storage solution...

brianw0ng Posts: 8

I'm looking to replace the under desk storage drawers with something that looks more sleek and minimal. Any product suggestions out there?


  • DanielaAraya
    DanielaAraya Posts: 156

    What if you went with something a bit wider like this? I don't love that the branding is front and center, but the black one hides it well and looks pretty sleek!

  • CullenOrmond
    CullenOrmond Posts: 98



    wow, this is such a cool space @brianw0ng! I found this storage drawer on Amazon that comes in a green color, which might be a fun pop to complement the fish tank and artwork.

  • SNandez
    SNandez Posts: 27 ✭✭

    These are pretty nice, and go with the wood tops you already have. Could always paint them white and change the hardware if you really want to streamline things.

  • StephanieNguyen
    StephanieNguyen Posts: 54



    maybe something like this Home Depot or Target find (both similar!)? If you are looking more for a file cabinet type of storage item, then this one from The Container Store is great because it serves as an additional seat!

    Also, side note, love the fish tank!