Help! What do you think about this painting?

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hello all! I've posted about this in past discussions but it was my original goal to color my entire bedroom in blue. so far, I've painted the walls blue and purchased a blue comforter (still on the hunt for other blue items!) but I had an empty wall and, instead of painting the canvas blue, painted it bright red. do we think this looks OK? should I add something else to the wall? should I remove it? I'm open to any and all suggestions. thank you 🤩


  • DanielaAraya
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    I personally LOVE this color combination so much. All for the unexpected red theory! Do you have anything else hanging on your walls? There's something museum-like about one piece of art hung on a wall haha. Sometimes less is more!

  • DanielleBlundell
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    I'm into it too, Cullen! It looks like you have some books near it that echo that shade of red in their spine color! Not sure if that was intentional, but it's creating a nice eye path!

  • BlairDonovan
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    Cullen I absolutely love this (#1 fan of unexpected red theory)! Red and light blue pair so nicely together, and I think this artwork stands out really well on its own. The lamp brings in great contrast and texture, too! More bedroom updates plz!

  • Design with Soll
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    Personally I'd like to see you do a bit more with the red painting. Unless it is an original Rothko, I'd lean toward something that carries a slightly stronger focal point and creates some counterplay with the lovely bookshelf. As it stands I find it overwhelmed by the books, and begs for more interest. I did a series of paintings (roughly 18"x18") at one point that would serve this space well. I'm not selling them but sharing here for inspo.

  • JanisFantastic
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    It's a great start, but that size or shape pic on that wall feels off to me. I think it would be more interesting with a focal point on the picture, even an extra painterly brush stroke to break it up.