What's your favorite piece of storage/organization furniture?

CharliPenn Posts: 49


While I love finding a great deal on an organizing find at the the Dollar Store, Target or on Amazon.com, sometimes you need to spend a little more to combine storage and organization with a furniture piece to really get the most out of your space. This super cute storage locker from Novogratz was a win-win in my attic home office. I had a tiny corner with no use and I was able to add a ton of hidden storage space. It's so pretty I forget that there's a bunch of paper and cord clutter hiding in there! Do you have a storage furniture piece you love too? I want to see it!


  • CullenOrmond
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    @CharliPenn! I'M OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR OF THAT STORAGE LOCKER. I've had an IKEA REGISSÖR storage cabinet in white for years but after seeing your furniture piece, it's tempting me to paint it. my storage cabinet holds: my silverware, extra wine glasses, serving accessories, purses, my jewelry box, memory box, cleaning supplies, AND my coveted Golden Girls DVD collection :)

  • losfrangeles
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    My buffet. It’s been a makeshift dresser, landing strip, kitchen storage, TV stand, living room storage, and currently holds art supplies and office supplies (and, sometimes, doubles as a cat lounger, haha). I’ll never get rid of it - it’s too versatile.

  • DanielaAraya
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    @CharliPenn I love that locker (and color) so much! It reminds me of Mustard Made.

    I bought two of these storage benches from CB2 and they've come in so handy. I have one in the entryway and one in my guest room and use them to store extra pillows, towels, etc.

  • SNandez
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    My ultimate favorite storage piece: Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

    It's narrow footprint is a small apartment game changer! We use it in our kitchen to store onions, potatoes, shopping bags, and snacks.

    Gonna give it a little facelift soon too!

  • Pamorana
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    I second @SNandez on the Hemnes Shoe Cabinet. We used one for years to gather/sort mail and papers that weren't quite ready for filing, in our very small entry way. Also made a perfect landing zone for the small space.