Any hope? Upscale? Or haul for junk pickup?

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After buying a house 3 years ago (huge purchase 🤪) slowly been able to purchase /change some things . Our dining room furniture is currently my husbands grandmas passed down and I can’t handle this sideboard /buffet for another day . Toss or is it salvageable ?


  • SarahEverett
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    Hi @SarahKrock

    I'm going to come in on the other side and say if you don't love it, let it go! See if you can sell if for a little $$ on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist… or give it to a friend who could really use it..

    it's a heavy piece, so my question for you would be what would you replace it with?

  • lydia_h
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    The veneer is pretty beat up, so I think it's time to pass it along!

  • losfrangeles
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    I, personally, would sell it and put the money towards a piece you like more. It’s seen better days BUT it still has good midcentury lines - someone will want it, and have the patience to restore it.

  • MeganBakerDetloff
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    agree with everyone above! if you're trying to make do for a little while longer, a quick upgrade with contact paper would be really smart — but if you have the $ to spend on something you LOVE, I say start looking!

    Facebook Marketplace is full of DIYers who would jump on that buffet so fast! If you feel like you don't even want to bother selling, Habitat for Humanity Restore is another great option for donation.

  • Dharma3
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    I would refinish this gorgeous piece. It’s a classic style.

  • AmyB
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    I would say if you are up for refinishing, then do that. If not, sell.

  • DanielaAraya
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    I'm pro letting it go if you don't love it! If you decide to salvage it and want some inspiration: I suggest going to this girl's IG page for ideas. Her name is Geneva, and she posts amazing tips and before/afters of furniture pieces she has salvaged. She always inspires and tempts me to try the DIY! But if you feel like you're at your wits end with the piece, then I would let it go to find something you will absolutely love. Good luck!!

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    Not to beat the same drum but @SarahKrock if you don't love it, list it! (Ha!() But I do adore @SarahEverett 's contact paper solve. SO SMART! Could you repurpose it? Not sure how much space you have but we've repurposed old dressers as extra storage in our garage and attic for knick knacks and seasonal items. Can it live a new and useful life (maybe somewhere less prominent)

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    If you do decide to keep it, another option is painting it and having maybe a piece of marble or stone cut to fit the top of it? That's what I plan on doing with my inherited bedroom dresser!