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i have a build in bookcase on one side of a front window but am questioning whether to install another one on the other side to make it symmetrical. Thoughts?


  • Shelly
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    Do it! The first one looks great and a second one will make it balance nicely.

  • Rebecca
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    i totally agree! I think it would be such a nice addition.

  • LizzyFrancis
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    Do it! Then you can shift some of the books to the second bookshelf, and fill up the cases with more knick-knacks/and create more visual intrigue. I love knick-knacks!

  • MeganBakerDetloff
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    A window seat between the two shelves would be a lovely addition too! And extra hidden storage is never a bad thing in my mind :)

  • AmritaThakkar
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    I'm going to go slightly against the grain here and say consider a bookshelf with open shelving or a different color on the other side. I think a little bit of asymmetry is fun!

  • AdrienneBreaux
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    I don't mind asymmetry either, but I do think this space would look particularly nice with another bookcase and some lovely window shades, too

  • tonidbailey
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    I am normally a cheerleader of an eclectic look but in this case, I think a second book case would offer a nice balance and allow you to space your books so that you can add some nice accent pieces to the shelves. No matter what you choose, the goal is to be happy with the outcome.

  • Gumbygirl
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    I can't tell for sure from the picture, but it looks like the side with the mirror is larger than the side with the bookcase? I would put a bookshelf there whether it is or isn't the same size, but it may be slightly larger and not exactly symmetrical. But who cares, it will look great, and hey, more storage!

  • WillyAms
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    why not, before investing your money, do a mockup? tape a role cheap white wallpaper to your wall at the right, sketch your bookcase (with colours and all) and see how it feels when you walk into the room…

  • DanielaAraya
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    I normally don't mind asymmetry, but I do think another bookshelf would look nice! And more room for things! 🤗

  • CullenOrmond
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    Wow! What gorgeous windows — I think another bookshelf will balance the space and plus, as a bookworm, I'm imagining more space for more books!