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Welcome to the Apartment Therapy community forum! Show us your favorite spot in your home 🏡


  • Avid
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    That boy will travel far!

  • AnthroObsessed
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  • eem101895
    eem101895 Posts: 1

    My cat Maple and I love our Lincoln Park apartment — complete with a lake view!

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Posts: 23

    @DanielaAraya that color is stunning! what is it?

  • tilathehunn_5
    tilathehunn_5 Posts: 2

    I am very pleased with how this corner transitions front day to night. The clock is missing in evening shot because I took it to be repaired. It will be back. I love the vintage clock from the '70's my grandmother gave to my mother. The ticking of the clock at night was quite comforting for me during thunderstorms

    The carpeting will eventually be taken out after popcorn ceiling removed and walls repainted

  • lindabelcher
    lindabelcher Posts: 2

    I really love this reading nook I crafted in the corner of my living room! It feels like its own distinct, cozy space, but it still works as extra living room/TV seating when you have company. Please ignore the cat hair and scratches on that poor West Elm chair lol.

  • cah_md
    cah_md Posts: 1

    I really love my home office. It's nice spot to work in.

  • Lynch
    Lynch Posts: 1

    first draft of primary bedroom…I’m pleased, so far, but the painters questioned my color choice and the state of my mental health.

  • DanielaAraya
    DanielaAraya Posts: 156

    Thank you!! It's called Pumpkin Butter from Valspar 🧡