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What makes sense to brighten up my bathroom, knowing there's steam constantly making it damp?


  • AdrienneBreaux
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    Are you able to paint at all? Or is it a rental?

  • MaxwellRyan
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    @jerseyb please show us a pic of your bathroom - which will help. Meanwhile, my basic advice is twofold:
    1. Bump up the lighting with better or higher watt bulbs… or even spots… or floor lights shining upwards
    2. Give one wall or all the walls a really solid paint job in a warm, bright color. Color really warms the heart. And use semi or gloss so the steam won't mess with it!

  • StephanieNguyen
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    Love the idea of adding color (through paint) and improving the lighting.

    (Side note — when you said damp, my mind went immediately to the idea of adding some plants that love a humid spot and can actually soak up some humidity. Here's some great houseplants to consider!)

  • ShaPartment_88
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    For a budget friendly upgrade (and if you can't paint) switch out your bath floor mats, shower curtain, hand towels, trash can and other bathroom accessories for a brighter color!

  • DanielaAraya
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    Paint is always my go-to! Wallpaper or decals won't be great for damp spaces, but I've never had an issue with paint in a bathroom. Bath mats (and color curtains as suggested!) and lighting are always a fun way to add your personality and make it feel brighter

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    ugh i have the same issue in my bathroom. i've played around with fun textiles as much as possible…i have this bath mat and love that they have so many color pairings, depending on your bathroom palette. i've been eyeing some tissue box covers, too. Mackenzie-Childs has some classic checkerboard ones, or i discovered a brand called Alice Palmer with a ton of cute striped or patterned designs

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    I love thrifting fun art for bathroom! I don't feel bad about exposing a $5 framed vintage oil painting or funky poster to the steam, and it can really add dimension to a space with so many hard surfaces.