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I just got back from a trip to Madrid, Spain, where I couldn’t resist buying this colorful silk scarf. The chances of me actually wearing it are…admittedly slim (scarf styling is NOT my forte), so I’m toying with the idea of getting it framed and hanging it on my living room wall. It’s a little bit more out-there compared to my usual design choices, and the rest of the space leans pretty minimalist and traditional, but I’m in dire need of more color in here. (Also please ignore the ugly painter's tape corners.)

If I do decide to get it framed (I’m thinking via Framebridge), what finish/color would look best? My living room already has two vintage prints with weathered-looking brass frames (below), so should I try to match those or mix it up? Open to any decorating feedback and/or tutorials on how to wear scarves!


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    @BlairDonovan love this pop of color — and love that you're incorporating something from your travels in your home! I think a a blonde wood the same color as your chairs would look nice, or maybe black to tie in the lamp?

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    wait @BlairDonovan obsessed with this! also, completely unrelated, i need to know where that lamp is from!

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    Beautiful scarf! A simple black frame would add a formal note to contrast the casual tulip table and wishbone chairs. Love that pairing.

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    Goodness, what a GORGEOUS scarf.

    I don't see why you have top match your frames to anything. That said, I agree with the suggestion of keeping it simple, to let the scarf shine. I'd go with a simple black frame, as suggested by @Pamorana.

    As for how to wear a scarf, check out this video:

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    I would go along the theme of the frames you have. That way they all tie together.

    Loving the choice to add this gorgeous pop of color in your minimalist design! It's the best kind of contrast!

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    I love this scarf!! My friend just found a really special scarf and is also framing through Framebridge to hang in her daughter's nursery 💛

    For the frame, hot take but: what if you did a red frame so it's an extension of the existing border on the scarf? A lighter wood would look nice, but it feels like a good moment for a pop of color!

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    A simple thin black frame as the scarf is busy, will let it shine.

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    Your scarf is beautiful and you just gave a me a great idea of what to do with a silk banner of the Palio di Siena which I bought on my honeymoon. I first wore it as a top (!) but it's been in a drawer for the last 25 years as I've never known what to do with it.

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    This scarf is to die for! I love textiles in a float frame. I think Framebridge's Giza and Walnut styles would provide a beautiful contrast. Artifact Uprising's floating frame with the brass hardware would be lovely, too. Personally, I don't love the idea of a black frame with the gorgeous dark blue in the scarf. Did I mention that scarf is gorgeous?