Show me your garden and houseplant humble brags!

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Not even close to a master gardener or plant whisperer here, but our hydrangeas are such a source of joy right now! I think they're bigger and better than ever, and we just had to snip a few for a bouquet because the plant is flush with blooms, and some were weighing over the bush and touching the ground. The blue ones are perfect for a centerpiece for the 4th. So I want to see what's making you smile in your garden or home, plant edition!


  • DanielaAraya
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    Wow the color is gorgeous! I'd be so happy with those in my backyard.

    My latest obsession in the garden is this pink spiderflower. It just bloomed and keeps getting bigger and bigger!

  • CullenOrmond
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    @DanielleBlundell your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I'm so impressed! I don't have a green thumb and have never been a plant person but seeing these flowers makes me feel like maybe I could become one … one day!

  • Neecee
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    I love this rolling raised garden with water reservoir! Last year I used it for vegetables but this summer it’s all about wildflowers grown from seed. Seeing this through my patio door gives me so much joy🥰