Do you prefer a minimalist or maximalist approach to decorating?

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Do you prefer a minimalist or maximalist approach to decorating? Why?


  • CullenOrmond
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    Ooo what a great question! I think I'm a minimalist but only because I live in a super small apartment and if it's too busy I get overwhelmed. I wonder what my style will be like when I someday live in a bigger space.

  • AdrienneBreaux
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    Maximalist, baby! More is more! Too much is just enough!

  • losfrangeles
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    Maximalist, but I have to be careful not to overdo it in my very small house!

  • Cheri
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    I so very much want to be a minimalist but I just have sooooo much stuff that I love and that I'm attached to. I can't throw it all away!!!!

  • Raury
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    I prefer minimalist as it makes it quicker to clean and keep tidy. I like to look at some maximalist designs, but I couldn’t live in one, it would just be too overwhelming.

  • Desert_Coastal
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    1000% minimalist! I admire others' maximalist styles but I would get sensory overload if I were to live in it.

  • DanielaAraya
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    Maximalist all the way! It keeps things interesting and inspires me

  • Writer83
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    I’m not a minimalist, per se, but I’m close. I like calm interiors and simple lines and styles. I can’t handle a lot of decor items or colours/patterns, it makes me anxious.

  • Jon
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    Never quite understood this dualism between being either a minimalist or a maximalist. Both are at the extreme ends of interior design and pretty sure most people are somewhere in the middle. Unless you have a lot of talent minimalist interiors just look too stark or under furnished and maximalism looks like you have just put everything in a canon and fired it into the room.