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The area rug in my living room needs to be replaced. My couch is a butter yellow, two chairs upholstered in a red and gold tweed. The current rug is red. I really like the colors in the living room. I’m uncertain about what to replace the red rug with. Should I stay with red or go with a pattern, etc.?


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    That butter yellow sofa. 💛 Just a tip: If you edit your post and upload your living room photo using the "upload image" button instead of the "paperclip" icon, it will show a preview of your image and help more people see it!

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    I would love to see a colorful big patterned rug in your pretty room.

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    What a cozy space! You could split the difference and do red in a subtle pattern, like this one? this specific rug is no longer available (sorry 😩) but the i like the idea!

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    I agree with Megan! I like the idea of keeping with red but adding some pattern for design interest. Not sure if you are looking for a brand recommendation, but I love Ruggable rugs because they are washable. I saw they have a summer collection on their site that has some red options, too:

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    Hi @Tberry your current rug is perfect in how it fits into your room, but it is quiet and a bit of a missed opportunity to add more energy to your living room.

    Patterns are always fun, but they can also overwhelm and you don't seem like a pattern person, so I'd go for bumping up the color in a new reddish rug….

    For example look at the red/pinkish rugs in my house. They really shine up a room and warm up the other colors as well (pics are not great though, you'll get the idea.. )

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    This Justina Blakeney rug is so fun!!! The deep red/burgundy would be so nice with butter yellow 💛