How do you like to mood board? ✨

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How do you like to mood board? ✨ 9 votes

Online with a tool: Easy and mess-free
AlisonGoldmanStephanieNguyenlydia_hangielolo 4 votes
I'm old school: Magazine cutouts galore
KylieMcConvilleApartment TherapyDanielaArayalosfrangeles 4 votes
Something else — tell us below!
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    Something else — tell us below!

    This is maybe a bit weird/not really like a tip… but I actually just use image folders on my phone's gallery as a mood board! I don't really understand what technical magic is happening, but when I download an image to my phone from a website, when I click on that image in my phone's gallery later, it'll actually take me to the website! So I basically have a built in mood board with click-able links. I use a Samsung!

    I feel like I can get a good sense of the color palette and vibe that I'm going for in a room by mood boarding this way!