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I also live in NYC and had a similar problem. My closet was huge but really poorly done so there was simply one bar and a shelf on top.

Cheapest way to mimick a super custom closet is with Ikea Billy Bookcases. I ran the 15in wide down the middle (adding the extra piece on top to maximize the height of the closet). Then you can run rods off of the bookcase to either end of the wall -- probably two rods to the right for shirts and 1 rod to the left for dresses and coats and long storage.

All in all between the bookcase and rods I spent around $100 so not terrible for a rental. If you are feeling ambitious you could put two more 15" billy bookcases on each side facing the middle for extra storage.

How Do I Make the Most of this Big Closet? Good Questions
11/12/13 01:12 PM