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I have the same issue. What I did is made it a walk-in closet. You step into the closet, turn left or right (to what is now either the left-hand or right-hand 2' of unused space), and there are your clothes. I put one dowel on top and another dowel on the bottom for extra utility. I put a shelf on the top above the top dowel since that space is now easily accessible.

For the vast middle section then, you have several options. You could get a bench with shoe storage, or a narrow fold out shoe cabinet like they sell at Ikea. The wall space is great for a mirror and/or hanging jewelry and/or belts.

After switching to this layout, I have not been sad. SO much more space, and the four dowels allow for a lot more organization.

How Do I Make the Most of this Big Closet? Good Questions
11/12/13 12:57 PM