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We use Mason / Bell jars of various sizes for a good deal of our pantry storage. Both my parents and my husband's parents can a lot of homemade food products and give us plenty to eat that come in the canning jars. We return most of the jars but keep the rest for our own food storage. Easy, looks half decent (not that anyone is judging my pantry aesthetics anyway), and we always have more than we need.

For leftovers we've been making the switch to glass by replacing our plastic wear with glass as pieces get ruined or lost. I'm having a hard time with storing those glass containers because they really don't stack as nicely as the plastic ones. Maybe it is the type I have.

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/24/14 12:31 PM

I did a similar Ikea hack in an old apartment to make a counter height table for stools with storage on the ends. I used cabinets from Ikea's kitchen section on the ends and a cut to order wood countertop on top, also from Ikea. Perfect solution to minal cabinets in the apartment.

How To Make an IKEA Hack \"Fauxdenza\" Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/11/14 09:58 PM

It used to drive my husband a little nuts that I was so insistent about picking up misplaced items and neatly arranging everything very evening. But he quickly realized how convenient it is to have our apartment nearly guest ready at all times. Now he's (mostly) on board with the obsessive tidiness.

The Hate-to-Clean Guide to Having an Always-Guest-Ready Home
2/26/14 10:58 PM

The door to our apartment opens into our kitchen, but we are fortunate enough to have a large island with plenty of space a few feet from the entrance. I have a bamboo tray that holds two piles of mail - one side is mine, the other side is for my husband. Also in the tray are pens and post-its for quick notes. After a few month trial I had to add a jar for my husband's loose change because he had just been leaving it in piles next to the mail tray. Since our wedding I've added a ring holder as somewhere to place our rings when we wash dishes at the nearby sink. This system works fairly well, but the landing strip has definitely extended to the unused corner of the island past the tray as a place where my husband places his wallet, cell phone, etc. As long as it stays confined to the "strip" I let it go.

We are bad, though, at sorting mail right away. Aside from the most important and personal items, everything else tends to sit in the tray until the weekend when we can take the time to sort it.

Fortunately for us, immediately inside the door is a coat closet, so all shoes and coats get put away as we enter our home.

The Clutter Filter: Create a Landing Strip January Cure: Assignment 9
1/14/14 10:11 AM

The renovated spaces are so bright and beautiful, I love it.

Meg and Josh's Mudroom: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
12/1/13 09:36 PM

I am lucky to live in a 4th floor apartment that is the top floor of the building (with apartments on either side of us as well) and we are pretty well insulated and get a lot of heat from the lower floors as well. It doesn't take much for us to keep our apartment at a comfortable 68 in the winter. The summer, on the other hand, is brutal for our electric bill.

I'm not sure we could go lower if we wanted: we have a geriatric dog with low body fat and short hair who shivers if it gets too chilly inside.

On another note, for those of us who grew up in houses heated exclusively by wood, adjusting to the constant chill can be difficult. If ever we were chilly in the farther corners of my parents house we would sit by the wood burner in the living room to warm up. The living room was often in the 80s, while the rest of the house was comfortable to cool, depending.

My last apartment was in a converted city row home, like many old city apartments are, and the radiator heat was not under individual control. The heat turned on in October and stayed on until April or so and it was blasting constantly to the point where if I didn't crack the window even on the coldest days my apartment would be almost 90 degrees. It was terrible.

Trying To Cut Down On Heating Costs?
Go Gradually

11/15/13 12:28 PM

My family did the bacon wrapped water chestnuts soaked in soy sauce. Party favorite.

Not sure if Rosa Marina (basically canned fruit salad, orzo, and cool whip) is retro or not, but my husband's mother makes it for every family event and it completely turns my stomach.

I miss my great aunt's fruitcakes. Does anyone even make fruitcakes anymore?

Favorite Retro Holiday Foods
11/13/13 11:04 AM

I've gone the popcorn route many times as well, and it's always been a success.

A couple of years ago my husband unexpectedly invited his coworkers back to our place after their work holiday party. We always have an abundance of alcohol, but I was not prepared in the snack area. Luckily my husband was on a deli meat kick at the time, so we had plenty of sliced deli meats and cheeses. I rolled the slices, cut them into bite sized pieces, and set them on a platter with crackers and mustard. It was not at all elegant, but it was devoured quickly and greatly appreciated.

What Do You Serve an Impromptu Guest?
11/12/13 09:43 AM