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Cook turkey, drink vodka, have fun.

I'm Hosting My First Thanksgiving Ever! Tell Me What I Should Know Reader Intelligence Request
11/15/13 12:29 AM

Looks delicious!

Southern Recipe Update: Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole Recipes from The Kitchn
11/15/13 12:20 AM

"Dear Grandma and Grandpa; thank you for another wonderful Thanksgiving! When we talked on the way home, us four realized that the best of our holidays have been not just the wonderful meals, but the memories you've given us over the years -- food for the soul, I guess -- and we wanted to thank you for that...." Then pick a favorite memory and each sibling give a gift card reflecting that (i.e, the pharmacy for the kid who loved the hair ties/bath products/whatever Grandma used to give her -- pharmacies are good, as so many essentials are bought there, including prescrip drugs) or a home/gardening outlet (landscape upkeep is not cheap) for the kid who loved playing on the lawn or picking flowers with Grandpa, and so on and so on. That way, you're returning the gift (in a hopefully practical way) while reminding them of their true value as mentors and family members over the years -- which is the real gift you're all exchanging every holiday, anyway.

Money or a Dish: Monetary Compensation for Holiday Dinners?
11/14/13 02:58 PM

Could be, bleu -- I think Hollywood had already shown advertising how it was done (starlets and DeBeers turned diamonds into a classic gift, instead of a showgirl trinket) but there's no denying everything in the art of selling gained steam in the fifties. Maybe the difference had to do with the amount of visible misery; when everybody you know is reeling from no jobs, no food -- or going without to help the war effort -- there's no shame in anyone feeling down and out. But with those large scale hard times gone, the performance of happiness (especially for women) was pretty relentless. And to be fair to the decade (and the people in that decade) there are tons of movies and novels about this despair. One of the best selling novels of the era (and hit movie) was "The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit" , so the audience for those works were not brain dead to their own discontent (all of which I just realized you probably already know, but what the hell, I wrote this damn missive so I'm a-gonna post it anyway!)

Color by Decade: The 50s Color Therapy
11/14/13 02:13 PM

This is bordering on twee & visually cluttered -- especially the keys and fiddly objects above that weighty table -- looks like the foyer of a fusspot.

Anatomy of a Room: Updated Traditional Entry Hall With a Quirky Twist
11/14/13 01:49 PM

For adults, much of that optimism was fueled by martinis and meprobamate. By 1957, over 36 million scrips for Miltown had been filled in the US alone, and everybody from maiden aunts, 'bachelor' uncles, unhappy housewives and their husbands -- men in grey flannel suits getting drunk on the commuter train -- were on tranqs. As were all the girls in bell jars. The colors don't capture the decade, they disguise it.

Color by Decade: The 50s Color Therapy
11/14/13 04:10 AM

Wallflowerpowers = proof a god exists somewhere (that grommet Burberry post made me snort and hack in laughter like a wheezing huffhead).

Preparing for Company in 60 Minutes
(or Less!): My Speed Cleaning Routine

11/11/13 10:46 PM