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Wonderful advice and AMAZING transformation!!!! I bet you smile every time you walk into your kitchen now. Simply gorgeous.

Before & After: Jennifer's Tiny But Loft-Like Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/25/14 03:12 AM

I really love the way this turned out and the amount of thought you put into this space definitely shows!

We've had 5 Thanksgivings in our house and can't wait to renovate the kitchen! I have 2 questions for you- did you know that you wanted black cabinets all along or were there other finishes on your wish list as well? (I know I'm going to have such a hard time committing to a finish!) And second question- where did you get that amazing flooring?!

Great job....you guys must be so proud!

Before & After: Jennifer's Sleek Shades of Gray The Big Reveal
7/25/14 03:07 AM

I was hoping it would be gold!

Nice, simple transformation without being over the top.

Before & After: A Grimy Garage Shelf Turns Into a Storage Showpiece
6/13/14 02:10 PM

We have a toaster oven at work and I love it! It's great for reheating leftover
quesadillas and pizza!

7 Recipes That Can Be Made Faster (and Better) in the Toaster Oven
4/17/14 01:11 AM

Ever since moving out of my parents house 12 years ago I've never had the same luck with peeling, and sometimes I wonder if it's because they have soft water. I'm not sure if that actually any effect on it or if it's all in my head!

How To Hard-Boil an Egg Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/15/14 04:48 AM

I used to be a bit of a clean freak. I'd clean the oven and microwave every time I did the dishes, clean the fridge every garbage day, sweep the floors just about every day, etc. I'm not quite sure what happened, but at some point it kind of fell apart. I think it's because I leave for work at 8 am and then go straight to class until 10 pm, Mon-Thurs and then catch up on other stuff the rest of the time. Maybe it's because I'm constantly gone from my house that shit just tends to pile up. It's annoying! I hate being like this! The other thing is that I have a job that requires me to work outside so I constantly have a winter coat, rain coat, boots, gloves, extra clothes, etc. in the car, along with my scrubs and books for school after work, and 2 meals and a bunch of snacks since I'm gone all day. My husband, who works in a cubicle and buys lunch at work, gets so annoyed! Can't wait to be done with school....seriously cramping my style.

Keeping a Peaceful Home: Tips for Living with a Messy (or Clean!) Person
4/8/14 11:56 PM

Great post-I have this same habit, and I think it originally stemmed from my mother visiting and saying things like "oh, you haven't had time to do ______ yet, huh?"

Like you, I've found that the most relaxing and welcoming visits to houses are the ones that aren't overly uptight- i.e., pointing out everything that's "wrong." I have really come to admire people who have a casually calm attitude about their ugly tile or stacks of mail and magazines scattered throughout.

Practice Positive: 3 Things to Stop Saying to Your Home's Visitors
2/9/14 09:33 AM

Wow, this is fantastic.

Before & After: Jim's \"Diamond in the Rough\" Nightstands
2/4/14 06:40 PM

I'm loving all these make ahead frozen meal plans!

I returned to school last semester for the first time in almost 10 years. On top of working and volunteering, my biggest regret was not having a plan for eating. It sounds so simple, really- grab something to eat when you're hungry. But as I quickly learned, being constantly on the go meant that I either a) didn't eat at all or b) ate junk I'd otherwise rarely touch.

I also recently noticed that my husband has been buying all these hungry man and lean cuisine things which I have a really hard time with. Yuck! I'm hoping to dive into next semester knowing that I have something to eat on the go and also that he will eat a little bit healthier even if I'm not around. :)

I'm curious about one thing- I've never froze rice before. Does it reheat into a mushy mess or does it retain a little bit of it's original texture? I know- can't have it all, but it would be great to hear that it comes out halfway decent after being in the freezer for a bit.

How I Make Burritos to Freeze Freezer Friendly from Jessica Fisher
1/8/14 02:35 PM

This looks like a great solution for people with limited cabinet space. I know it wouldn't work for me since I have 2 cats and the cat hair would collect in and under the basket, but I can definitely see this working well in the right setting!

Why a Tall Basket Is the Best Way to Store Sheet Pans and Cutting Boards
1/8/14 09:16 AM

I've started to pack a small (really small) fan along with a can of febreeze whenever we travel to other people's houses. Both our parents smoke indoors which disgusts us to no end, and falling asleep in a very warm room (72 degrees at each house, over night) that reeks of stale, smokey air is nearly impossible! The fan and febreeze have helped immensely.

The One Thing Your Holiday Houseguests Won't Tell You
11/11/13 01:05 PM