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I wash almost everything in cold, on the delicate cycle, and hang dry. It’s a pain, but it saves me from having to re-purchase clothing again and again. I’m 6’1, so tall, but not a giant, and wear a size 30 waist. What this translates to is usually I wear a size “small” in men’s, but, if it shrinks any whatsoever, It’s suddenly a belly dancer shirt! I can’t go a size up because I look like I’m swimming in it.

I have quite a bit tailored, but to me it’s much more cost effective to just utilize a drying rack!

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1/27/14 10:58 AM

I know this isn't necessarily a helpful comment for those with smaller apartments/homes, but it has worked for my lil' tribe: My partner and I turned a rarely used guest room into a micro-home theater. The seating is simply a twin bed that I DIY'd a back cushion for (out of an old sofa backing), and then threw down a cover for the mattress. Now the annoyingly large 70" TV is in a themed room, complete with red theater curtains - when a guest does stay the night, all I have to do is remove the back from the "sofa" and throw down some fresh sheets and pillows.

Voila. TV-free living room :)

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1/15/14 03:03 PM

Nice! I'm not sure if the crayons/markers/pencil holders are set up for kiddos, but I love it!

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11/15/13 10:17 AM

FedEx Ground or Fedex Freight are probably going to be the most dependable/best priced options. If memory serves, I think you could probably get a sofa shopped for around $200-$300. While it's not cheap, it would be cheaper than the fuel/truck rental of hauling it yourself. I'd call their 800 number and just talk to a rep - they'll be able to help you find an option that might work for you.

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11/11/13 09:58 AM

Such a great space! I'm in love with the framed photography.

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11/11/13 08:37 AM