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This is such a unique space. May I say wow? The before and after. What a difference. I spent $4000.00 on my one bedroom apartment and looks nothing nothing nothing like this and I already own a sofa. We have such rectangular homes in NYC and this was a great use of space. I like the placement of the rug. It actually leads you in. I love it. I need to layer my rugs now. Thanks for the inspiration.

I saw your blog and I love the stenciled wall. It separates the space and adds character. Simple but memorable. I really love it.

Before & After: From Blank Slate to Simply Stunning
11/10/13 08:25 PM

Curious- I would love to see how you live... those that leave such negative comments. A space that has been created with thought, love and money and yet, some of these comments are soooooo stupid. Just enjoy. Love and respect others for their taste and style even when it is not yours. Those that leave such hate... I bet your decor is a $15 throw pillow two years too old.

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11/10/13 08:19 PM