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I'd love to see this with a plumen lightbulb

DIY Bentwood Pendant Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body
4/22/14 05:58 PM

Loved this, didn't want it to end! Love the use of green

Maureen's Classic & Comfy Austin Abode House Tour
3/30/14 01:01 PM

I don't recall much art from my bedroom but we had a huge print of vladimir tretchikoff's 'miss Wong' above the freezer in the cellar and I was terrified of her.

What Art Do You Remember from Your Childhood Bedroom?
3/24/14 05:18 PM

The most perfect place I've ever seen

Matthew's Magical Woodland Wonderland House Tour
3/24/14 05:09 PM

I nearly bought a nightstand but my boyfriends bass drum is currently not set up so ill be using that! As for drawers by the bed as a necessity, I only sleep or do naughties in my bed, why do you need so much crap next to the bed? I couldn't sleep with so much stuff next to me.

10 Unusual Things to Use as a Nightstand
2/15/14 09:47 AM

Does everyone have a pantry except me? I have cupboards and very few! I'm also renting so I can't attach anything to the walls/cupboard doors. I'm also poor (okay not poor, on a tight budget) help me!

Stylish Storage: 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Pantry
2/7/14 03:30 PM

what an amazing piece! I'm so pleased you're happy with the paint job, it does look cute but to me beautiful old pieces like this look like a granny in a boob tube and mini skirt when painted. It just doesn't fit and pays no homage to its long life.

I am all for painting to fit your own taste though, I just never would, I think on a lot of pieces it can look a little silly but this piece is quite sweet.

Before & After: Shannon's Simple Yet Delightful Desk Makeover
2/1/14 11:37 AM

I've just started setting an alarm to go to bed and it's working pretty well. I also find that leaving my dressing gown and slippers next to the bed so I'm not cold when I get up helps a lot.

Want to Wake Up Earlier? 6 Ways Your Home Can Help
1/26/14 03:40 PM

Really lovely, great use of beautiful art and objects without over crowding

Anna's Lovely, Art-Filled Apartment House Call
1/26/14 03:31 PM

I'm visiting Paris in March, will pop in for sure! It would be great if AT could do a list of great and beautiful spaces to visit in different cities. As someone who travels a lot, it's nice to have a couple of good (and good looking) cafes and eateries noted beforehand.

Colorova: A Look Inside Paris' Most Colorful Cafe
1/21/14 07:07 PM

My apartment has 20 ft high ceilings (literally..) and windows ceiling to floor pretty much, they look amazing but its so cold and there's no way to insulate!

5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter
1/17/14 06:57 PM

Love this, I wish wooden ladders weren't so difficult to find/pricy

DIY Decor Trend: Handmade Storage Ladders
1/17/14 06:50 PM

Every time 'Debra says' take a shot of tequila.

5 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants
1/12/14 06:58 PM


Natural Curiosities' Endlessly Inventive Offices Workspace Tour
1/8/14 07:04 AM

Ridiculously happy to see both Mark and the Yorkshire sculpture park featured!

Try This DIY Art Project:
How To Make a Handmade Bird Mobile Apartment Therapy Tutorials

1/7/14 06:19 PM

I used to always work all weekend and recently I've started having Sundays off. It's the only day me and my partner have off work together so we usually have a lie I'm and then go to the farm cafe for breakfast (I live in the Yorkshire moors) or we'll make breakfast together. Depending on how busy my week has been I'll either do some seamstress work or more than likely, sit and watch doctor who with a full teapot.

What's Your Weekend Energy Style? Reader Survey
1/6/14 04:39 AM

Cleaned the floor and dusted my whole apartment for Brucey bonus points!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/4/14 02:04 PM

European sources please! Don't forget us! Weekend projects would be good and ideas for entertaining.

Apartment Therapy On the Weekend! Reader Survey
1/4/14 02:01 PM

My main apartment resolution is buy new bed linens but I can't seem to find any nice ones/ones I won't see in a friends house, anyone have any ideas? I live in England but I think some American stores ship here

New Year’s Resolutions for My Apartment
1/3/14 05:02 PM

Love it! That picture of dickie Shakespeare is fantastic!

James & Mark's Haute Flea Market Style House Tour
12/29/13 06:31 PM