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I loved my parent's small Cape Cod. BTW, the "desk" in the bedroom is actually a "vanity".

My Small Home: Small Space Solutions from Regina's 1930s Cottage
4/22/14 06:28 PM

Back in the day when I was renting, everything was painted "landlord beige". White is actually an improvement IMO

I lived in one place that allowed you to paint any color as long as it could be covered with one coat of white when you moved out, without losing your deposit. They were required to paint between tenants anyway and were very forward thinking.

Renters Solutions: 7 Real Life Examples of White Walls that Work Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/28/14 03:41 PM

I don't care for red Persian-style rugs because there are so many cheap imitations out there.

The Lebowsky reference cracked me up!

Lebowski Style: 10 Rugs That Really Tie The Room Together Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/27/14 06:12 PM

I agree with the majority here, both the before and after kitchens are very nice. I would have just painted the before kitchen white and only spent $50.00.

Before & After: A Mini Kitchen Makeover on the Cheap
3/27/14 03:32 PM

Khat, I don't care for subway tile in a kitchen either. They remind me of the subway, old public restrooms and frankly the smell of urine. You are not the only one with that obsession from living too long in the city.

Before & After: A Mini Kitchen Makeover on the Cheap
3/27/14 03:16 PM

This has been a dilemma for me. I love the look of Mason jars filled with dry goods all lined up like soldiers but I have MS and am so clumsy that I constantly break glass jars. So I reluctantly reuse plastic containers. I will take anyones Tupperware that they want to discard, especially vintage!

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/24/14 04:26 PM

Sorting stuff into boxes is still keeping it. I have pared way down since moving into my 500 sq ft apt from a 2 story house. I now keep only my best items that I actually use.

My married daughter was recently complaining about the amount of laundry her family generates. I told her she could cut the laundry in half by getting rid of half the clothes. She was shocked. They have about 4 times what they need.

No Hesitation, No Mercy: How To Decide What To Get Rid Of and Then Act NOW Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 10:33 PM

My stocking up is not hoarding, but a necessity. I get to the store about once a month if I'm lucky. I also let Amazon deliver right to my door. Not all of us live in a city or even have a car, you know.

Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 10:11 PM

This is a telephone table or bench, it would set usually in the front hallway where the one phone for the house would be located. The phone book would go on the shelf under the telephone. A gossip bench has two chairs facing opposite directions.

This is a beautiful restoration job and would look right at home with my Heywood Wakefield furniture.

Before & After: Gossip Bench Breakdown
3/11/14 05:50 PM

Oh goody, another post about painting an old piece of furniture!

Before & After: A Firsthand Account of a Secondhand Hutch
3/10/14 05:05 PM

I, too, am tired of these "lets paint an old dresser" blogs. Lets get some new inspiration.

Before & After: A Mid-Century Modern Media Stand Makeover
3/10/14 02:50 AM

How charming! And you were so lucky to find a piece that fit perfectly in that space.

Before & After: Nicole's Jewelry Box Inspired Dresser Makeover
3/9/14 07:34 AM

The best and easiest way to restore the finish on an old wood piece is to use the old antique dealers polish. Mix equal parts turpentine and boiled linseed oil and rub it on. It will cover scratches and bring a shine back to the original surface. I had to go to an art supply store to find the boiled linseed oil.
Spend months looking for the right size hardware, if necessary, it will save you the hassle of dealing with the extra holes. Move the broken handles to the least used drawer in the meantime.
About the missing veneer, frankly I wouldn't try to replace it. I would paint that bare patch of wood the same brown as the wood and ignore it.

Advice for Renewing Much-Loved Heirloom Dresser? Good Questions
3/6/14 03:12 PM

An old antique dealers method for cleaning and restoring wood furniture without damaging the original finish is to mix turpentine and boiled linseed oil and rub it on. It would work on wood kitchen cabinets too and not change the color. I would try that first before I spent so much money on a product that gets such bad reviews.

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit
3/6/14 12:12 AM

Those closet doors are so clever and, I bet, much easier to use than one large door. I know they look really cute when closed.

Organization Motivation: 6 Easy Ways to Save Money by Getting Organized
3/5/14 11:55 PM

I'm older and don't have a car so I have everything delivered that I can. It seemed like a luxury at first but it's now a necessity. I order frozen meat and use Amazon extensively for other food, paper, cleaning supplies and toiletries. I grow scallions and lettuce on my window sill. I keep an eye on cost per serving and it actually saves me money over maintaining a car.

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/18/14 05:11 PM

I would paint the bathroom walls gray and use black accessories. All those vintage colors are impossible to match and look washed out with white. That's just my opinion, of course.

Brian's Mid-Century Home in Hollywood Dell House Tour
2/15/14 01:07 PM

I've found over the years that the best way to preserve purses is to hang them. I have 6 purses and hang them on wooden clothes hangers in my large closet. I realize that this wouldn't work for everyone.

Quick Closet Tip: Help Store Purses Upright With This Easy, Free Trick
2/13/14 07:28 PM

Would I qualify as boho-min? My LR is MCM and my bedroom is boho. I have loved both of these styles since my young adulthood - back in the day.

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Is: Bohemian
2/13/14 07:20 PM

This made me chuckle! My home was a hippie jungle complete with macrame plant hangers back in the day. I am still a gardener inside and outside but with more of a modern simple approach.

How To Create Your Own Lush, Winter Blues Beating, 70s-style Indoor Jungle
2/10/14 01:16 AM