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I have to say that no matter what your reasons are for using these cleaning products, you have to admit that they smell and feel so much nicer than the other chemicals that you might have used in the past that there is literally no reason for you not to use them. We should all be trying to do our bit to be more eco friendly; if we all worked together we could definitely help to save the planet for future generations. So just by making tiny changes, like the type of cleaning product that you use, you could potentially be making such a huge and amazing difference.

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11/17/13 04:33 AM

I’m all for DIY cleaning at the moment, but the reason is because my partner has sensitive lungs and finds that if we use the harsh cleaning chemicals he tends to have a bad reaction to them. So, we’ve had to take the time to consider how we deal with our cleaning in a way that would help to protect him. We love lemon and vinegar; it seems that there’s almost nothing that can’t be solved using those two things! But ultimately, I believe that no matter what your reasons, switching to green cleaning is the best thing to do, because there are so many benefits of doing so.

DIY Cleaning Products

11/17/13 04:32 AM