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This is actually quite interesting! In Melbourne, Australia I do believe that they don't actually contract someone else (I'm assuming this since it's a huge truck that came to my house that was white and had its IKEA logo prominently printed on it) and the movers were wearing the typical blue and yellow uniforms you see at IKEA.

In any case they were very decent, came at specified time or rather called me to see if I was okay to get my items delivered -- everything (a couch, a book shelf, dining table, a computer table and a few chairs) were delivered under half an hour in perfect condition.

It was a pretty okay experience so reading all these comments does make me wonder what goes on at IKEA USA...

Delivery from IKEA
11/15/13 04:03 AM

For some reason this sectional kinda reminds me of the new Soderhamn series at IKEA, I think these guys have a somewhat decent review of this:

Worth having a look I suppose! :)

Suggestions for a Less Expensive Sectional Sofa Alternative? Good Questions
11/15/13 03:53 AM

I love my Karlstad loveseat in sivik gray! The fabric made it slightly more expensive but I think it was worth it overall :)

Now that it's worn out I'm actually contemplating between Comfort Works and Bemz.. I'm leaning towards Comfort Works though as they have white leather though Bemz seems to be quite decent with their reviews online.

Oh no I'm back to square one again, help? :(

Good Questions: Ikea Sofas You've Loved or Hated? Bemz?
11/13/13 06:07 AM

To anyone who can help:

I have a Karlstad 2 seater in Sivik Dark Gray and would like to change to a leather version but unwilling to pay for and get an entirely new couch from IKEA (if I'm not wrong it's called a Karlsfors?)

Anyhow, any ideas from anyone would be much appreciated!

Good Questions: Opinions On The Ikea Karlstad Sofa?
11/12/13 05:50 AM

The new legs, the tuftings -- brilliant!

Kudos for sharing this awesome project :)

If only I had half the talent and creativity to pull off something DIY like this with my Karlstad... oh wells.

Before & After: Adding Style to an IKEA Karlstad Sofa
11/12/13 05:43 AM

Funny you should mention that! I just finished reading this article:

Was planning to get some replacement slipcovers from Bemz or these guys for my Sivik Dark Gray Karlstad but realized that only Comfort Works have leather options.

Looks like I've made up my mind :) I hope their customer service is good!

30 Years of IKEA's KLIPPAN Sofa: 1979 - 2009
11/11/13 05:09 AM

Wow thank goodness I didn't buy the Lillberg back then -- it's kinda nice but after seeing so many negative comments I'm glad I waited it out.. for the Karlstad 2 seater.

Never looked back since :)

But I'm in dire need of new covers as my cat thinks it's cool to use my Sivik Gray sofa as a scratching post. So far I've only seen mentions of Bemz -- anyone have any idea how decent Comfort Works and eslipcovers are? As far as I know they aren't super affordable but I really don't like the other slipcovers from IKEA... help?

11/11/13 04:56 AM

Hi there people, I've been doing a little research online for some replacement covers for my Karlstad and ended up with Bemz, Comfort Works, eslipcovers just to name a few -- does anyone have any idea which is good? I'm looking for white leather which Comfort Works has, but Bemz have this Marimekko range which are interesting also... help!

Good Questions: Should I Recover My Ikea Sofa?
11/11/13 04:48 AM

Sorry, but does anyone know where I can get white leather covers for my Karlstad 2 seater? I too have a Sivik Gray but I want to try something more "grown up" haha -- any help would be very much appreciated! :)

One IKEA Sofa, Two Different Looks
11/11/13 04:32 AM