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Bright yellow or red would have been nice. Just for the tub though, not the sink.

Renovation Inspiration: Brighten Your Bathroom with a Colorful Sink or Tub
12/9/13 03:28 PM

That is great, a lot of the items are coming from the parents and grand parents. I am the first generation in America so therefore I don't have that chance.

Lauren's Idyllic Home in Silver Lake House Tour
12/2/13 05:28 PM

I like the "almost dead tree" look. It gives a rustic feeling.

Holiday Decorating Inspiration: Scandinavian Christmas Style
12/1/13 07:56 PM

Chrysler building by FAR!!!! The building is so meaningful and powerful.

Innovators & Icons of Design:
The Next Four Match-Ups Presented by Dyson

12/1/13 07:27 PM

The Elf with Will Ferrell is also a must.

Get in the Holiday Spirit: 10 Festive Films on Netflix to Stream After the Big Meal
12/1/13 07:13 PM

Cannot ask for nothing more!

Best of Black Friday: The Top Tech Deals
11/29/13 09:08 AM

Only for important events such as graduation, new job, and other once in a life time experiences. Otherwise I don't like celebrating for myself. Making an event or something for another person is a different story though, especially when the person appreciates the effort.

How Do You Celebrate Special Occasions?
11/26/13 10:31 PM

Till Konneker has done a similar project that is more appropriate for adults I would say. He custom built a type of black box to increase storage in his house without compromising the aesthetic. A simpler project to do as well for people with limited space. Here is the link for some pictures

Before & After: Small City Bedroom To Custom Lofted Bed & Desk
11/25/13 10:25 AM

Indeed the first board is amazing. I like the mid-century feel it gives. I definitely can imagine it in my room rather than in a child's room.

Design Details: Eye-Catching Headboards in Children's Rooms
11/23/13 11:22 AM

A safe that no one knows the combination except you.

Gift Giving Guide: Best Hiding Places
11/21/13 01:46 PM

I don't normally like marble on its own, but it is a completely different story when it is mixed up with wood.

Before & After: DIY Slab Marble Desk Reddit
11/17/13 09:27 AM

The decision should be based on the type of look and furnitures you are aiming for. So before taking them off, go through magazines and blogs to find out all the possibilities with and without. Create yourself a "mood board", then you'll know if it it worth taking them off or not.

Should I Remove Wood Paneling in 1925 Bungalow? Good Questions
11/15/13 09:18 AM

I am actually doing it, but mainly because I am afraid that it catches fire... I am a little paranoid...

Before You Leave Home: A Pre-Trip Checklist
11/11/13 02:46 PM

It looks like an upgrade of a student apartment. I like it though. Quite cozy.

Matt's Family-Friendly Designer Home House Tour
11/6/13 08:08 PM

This is a nice make over. My eyes were mainly fixed on the upper part. Using reclaimed wood or things is always great as it give a sense of uniqueness. Taking off the cabinets for shelves is a good idea as well; it reminds me the loft of David Karp, the founder of Tumblr. You'll find some pictures here if you guys are interested:

Before & After: Mousy Kitchen gets an IKEA Makeover
11/6/13 08:00 PM