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Then why say anything at all? Did you forget the end of your cliche?

Before & After: Karrie's Antique Dresser Rescue
1/26/14 04:38 PM

The baseboards are perfect the way they are. The white makes everything look that much sharper and tidier. If the trim matched the wall it would make the carpet look muddy.

Before & After: A Mini, Multi-Purpose Chill Room With Solid Shelves
1/26/14 04:34 PM

I'm not American. That's nice that you use your space creatively, I prefer to use mine comfortably. Each to their own.

MakeSpace is Cloud Storage for Your Actual Stuff Design News
1/21/14 11:29 PM

@Bekah Lots of people have spare rooms, garages, walk in wardrobes, right? They pay for that storage space. I pay for storage away from my home because it allows me to live in a smaller apartment in the area I want.
Sure, I could have less things. But I'm an artist, the things I store are boxes of paints, screenprinting screens, studio lights, a sewing machine. Items I use occasionally.

MakeSpace is Cloud Storage for Your Actual Stuff Design News
1/21/14 07:23 PM

I can't fathom how the midnight thing would be true. How does your body know when it's midnight? What about daylight savings? Time is arbitrary unless you're actually looking at where the sun is in the sky, and even then, that changes season to season.

And it's "NOT as beneficial" how?

Design Tweaks for Better Living, or Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First...
11/18/13 10:28 PM

Oh no, you saw a photograph of a toilet! Your life is awful.

Dan & Sarah's Songbird Church House House Tour
11/14/13 05:47 PM

Just FYI to folks saying they love the log pillows. I have them. They have a strong synthetic, plastic smell. They make the whole room smell like a new car.

Indoor Camping Party:
Decor, Menu, + Music Apartment Therapy Perfect Party Ideas Guide

11/14/13 03:17 AM

It's a chair, not a thesis.

Before & After: Linda's Heirloom Chair
11/13/13 04:50 PM

Not sure how an interior decorator filling an empty room counts as a before and after, but I imagine it is an excellent way to promote one's business.

Before & After: From Blank Slate to Simply Stunning
11/6/13 01:08 AM