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I loved everything about this tour! The double Buddhas, colours used, cleanliness...list goes all. I always do the tours first and then read the story and it's true when you mentioned three kids, I had to do double take (I thought their bedrooms were guest rooms!) but when going thru again, I think I liked it even more!

Cynthia's Sunny Accents House Tour
4/16/14 08:55 PM

Wowie, by far one of my favourite tours! Very original!

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 03:43 PM

My favourite items in my home are my diy projects, family pics and the little things I picked up while travelling, it really does make the home more special!

8 Tips For Creating Living Spaces You'll Love For a Long Time
3/23/14 10:43 PM

Wow! So many beautiful things in this house, especially the dog! The house looks very peaceful, and a perfect place to relax.

The McDonalds' Serene, Minimalist Home House Tour
3/18/14 10:24 PM

So beautiful! Love the hanging lights and the color choices! Very calm and welcoming

Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry Studio Tour Workspace Tour
3/15/14 03:14 PM

All the hanging items are very distracting. It feels like there are too many and they are all very small. The feathers and anything else from dead animals is not my style, however I love the giant tree trunk! Very fun :) the origami cranes are cute too.

Alexandra & Christine's East Meets West House Tour
3/14/14 11:57 PM

Agreed not very interesting...

Katie & Toby's Artful Edgewater Apartment (8 Years Later...) House Tour
3/8/14 07:11 AM

Wow I love it! The whole look and color is just perfect!

Before & After: Chelsea's Buffet Transformation
2/22/14 11:11 AM

The cure was amazing! Really made me think outside of the box and changes I've done I absolutely love and I don't know if they ever would have been done without the cure! Looking forward to next January's!

Weekend Chores: Relax & Celebrate! The January Cure Assignment #22
1/31/14 04:27 PM

So happy! Clean the cords from under my desk. My feet now have the free to move around! Yipeeeeee!

Worth It: Clear Up Cord Clutter January Cure Assignment #14
1/23/14 06:47 PM

This January cure is turning out better than expected! The place is definitely cleaner and less cluttered in some places. As an added bonus, I've also cleaned out my utensil drawer and it looks so much better! This weekend I'm going to be making the labels and probably repotting the plants in to bigger pots. I bought the soil a few days ago.

Good luck everyone!

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/16/14 10:25 PM

So beautiful! I love the natural light and all the hanging plants, which really add a uniqueness to each room!

Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort House Tour
1/11/14 07:47 AM

I'm going to donate my old bedsheets and blankets to my local animal shelter thanks to your comments, great idea! We even have some doggy toys that my dog just never cared for that can go along with!
I've posted some stuff on Craigslist so far no I guess they'll be donated soon

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/8/14 01:14 AM

Love this assignment! I chose my crafts / office closet, it's a small mess that holds everything! However if I could do it over again...would move the iron and board to the walk in closet and buy a holder for them (the iron has already dropped so many times off the shelf I've lost count). Also, after looking up in my closet, I realized I have a lot of space up there and can add some hooks! Definitely going to work on this project this week unlike those floors...

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 10:35 PM

I think it's an umbra design...

Lauren's Happy, Inspired Studio House Tour
12/4/13 08:16 PM

Beautiful home! It really does like warm and bright! Love the little touches :)

Lauren's Happy, Inspired Studio House Tour
12/4/13 08:14 PM

Beautiful place except for the Zebra carpet...they're such beautiful creatures and it now it is on your floor :(

Fay and Max's Fabulous London Flat House Tour
11/5/13 07:51 PM