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Very interesting article, I'm a big fan of London dry but now I want to branch out and try the other styles. I'd love to see a follow up article with drink recipes for each type of gin and perhaps recommendations for which gins to try in each category.

What You Should Know About the (Surprisingly) Wide World of Gin The 9-Bottle Bar
4/9/14 05:26 PM

We've used a futon mattress on our bed frame for years, so we just stacked two futon mattresses and take one off and into the living room when we have overnight guests. Fold it in half during the days so the living room is still somewhat useable. Works well for us.

Small Space Sleeping Solutions
4/7/14 05:26 PM

Another vote for a tutorial on how to prep and freeze your own potatoes for these uses. The convenience of frozen sounds great but I can't bring myself to spend that much more per pound of potatoes.

5 Way to Cook with Frozen Potatoes Shop Your Freezer
3/4/14 04:11 PM

I make a baked spinach dip with onion, garlic, cream cheese, and mozzarella from Martha Stewart that is always a hit anytime I serve it to anyone.


5 Ways to Cook with Frozen Spinach Shop Your Freezer
2/12/14 04:38 PM

I'm one of the lucky ones who has a dishwasher in their apartment. Anything that can go in the dishwasher gets a quick rinse (if necessary) and goes in straight away during cooking. Strainers, graters, and knives are immediately washed after use (and knives are dried). Wooden spoons, or cooking implements that I only have one of go in the sink or next to the sink until there's a few minutes break in cooking or until after we've eaten. All remaining cooking and eating dishes are washed or loaded in the dishwasher after the meal. And we always wipe down counters at the end of the day or as needed. I find properly cleaning the dishwasher regularly helps tremendously because most dishes don't even need a rinse before going in.

Don't Wash This Bowl! A Soapy Bowl By the Sink Is the First Step in Washing Up Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
2/5/14 12:23 PM

I usually shop twice a week so I go with a plan for 2 meals (often based on coupons/circular) but let inspiration hit while at the grocery store for a third meal. Or I might plan the main dish and choose vegetables and sides based on what looks good. I feel like that way most of what I buy has a specific plan so I don't end up wasting food, but I still get to let the inspiration and creativity roll. I also keep a running list on my phone of recipe titles I see (and where I saw them for future reference) and ideas that just strike my fancy while reading about food. Also, the freezer is my friend, if it turns out I won't be eating as many meals at home as I planned for, I throw whatever I can in the freezer for another time.

How Do I Tackle Meal-Planning Without Killing the Cooking Muse? Good Questions
1/29/14 05:40 PM

I love see articles like this because there's always something I can take away (I've forgotten how nice it is to ligh unscented candles with dinner) and things I can relate too (cloth napkins - reuse the same one several times before washing and it doesn't add much to your laundry). But I usually open these articles to see the awesome additions from commenters, apparently not today, too much negatively and criticism. How about just adding yo

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/28/14 05:16 PM

I love seeing articles like this because there's always something I can take away (I've forgotten how nice it is to light unscented candles with dinner) and things I can relate too (cl

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/28/14 05:10 PM

I also worry about the safety and possible damage to blades of using a magnetic knife rack. The apartment we moved into already had one and we already had a knife block, so I started putting metal cooking utensils, metal spatula, ladle, ect., on it and love it for that use.

10 Inexpensive Kitchen Helpers & Organizers We Can't Live Without The Organized Kitchen
1/23/14 12:36 PM

Susan Maushart wrote a wonderful book call The Winter of our Disconnect, about disconnecting from all digital media at home for several months with 3 teenagers, I think they had a CD player but no iPods, computers, tv, cellphones. It's a fascinating read to see how she and her teenagers adjusted and learned a lot about themselves in the process. If you're interested in examining the frequency and the way in which you use digital media, it offers an interesting perspective.

Four Steps to Building Better Family
Media Boundaries

1/22/14 02:00 PM

I enjoy the gathering posts, but I would like to see more ideas for a full menu - appetizer, main, side, dessert, that would work for a more casual setting, those of us who don't have dining room tables and whose dinner parties involve people eating in the living room. Thoughtful descriptions of how to make that work would be fantastic, not just ideas for creating a table, but how to make a dinner party comfortable and enjoyable without sitting down at a table. Also, lots of full menu plans for dinner parties. The in depth coverage you've been doing for the gatherings is great, but just menus posted often (like one a week) would be awesome too, I always get stuck coming up with ideas for what to serve together when inviting friends over. Thanks for all you do!!

How Can We Help You Be Happier in the Kitchen in 2014?
1/14/14 04:29 PM

I have several friends that are perpetually late, and so I've utilized all of these tactics , sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And yes it's a little annoying, and yes in my opinion it's a sign of disrespect, but it's nothing to end a friendship over. They're my friends because they have lots of lovely qualities, so I can overlook this one flaw. If we never overlooked others flaws, we'd never have any lasting friendships.

3 Tips to Help Your Dinner Guests
Show Up On Time

11/26/13 04:54 PM

I always make a pecan tart, and also love pumpkin pie, but no matter the dessert what really makes thanksgiving complete is freshly made whipped cream.

Real Life Holidays: Which Desserts Do You Like the Best at Thanksgiving Dinner?
11/14/13 11:45 AM

My family and my partner's family live in the same city, about 3 hour drive away. He works christmas and last year I went ahead without him to see my family, he met me there for the weekend and then we spent time together with his family. But I hated being away from him on Christmas (evening knowing he has to work). So this year we'll visit our families the weekend before Christmas and come back home for the week. I'm actually really looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas home alone, cooking some great meals for us, and getting ready for New Years celebrations.

Will You Actually Get To Be Home For The Holidays?
11/5/13 05:48 PM