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their whole wheat tuscan pane is $2.99 for a giant loaf and, as far as packaged sliced bread goes, is the absolute best i've found anywhere. i don't go through it too quickly, so i just keep it in the freezer to take out as needed. so delicious!

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/8/14 10:30 AM

coming up on 27. buying house in 4 days.

my bank account just took a giant plunge, god forbid i keep my ikea sofa from my 1st apartment.

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/26/14 03:07 PM

this is absolutely glorious. i wish i had the space for a pantry!

Pantry Before & After: A Laundry Room Becomes a Super Organized Pantry Pantry Makeover
6/12/14 10:30 AM

Yes, not to mention cost savings! Costco sells black box pinot noir for $17. That is $4.25 per bottle! sure came in handly when I made sangria for a crowd.

Also... do you store your salad greens in a salad spinner? That is genius- why didn't I think of that?

Why I Always Have a Box of Wine in My Refrigerator
5/22/14 11:54 AM

wow, that house tour has got to be the best one i have EVER seen. good finds on the table and chairs. i never even considered home depot for furniture like that... i'll keep an eye on them for my next purchase :)

The Look for Less: Christopher & Natalie's Dining Room on a Budget
5/9/14 01:19 PM

oh my god the gallery. you did an amazing job! i would have been absolutely terrified to take on that big of a renovation. so glad it paid off for you!! everything looks lovely.

Before & After: Major Overhaul of a Moldy Bathroom
5/6/14 11:11 AM

is anyone able to ID the paint color used in the example photo? i need it....

Splurge or Save: What You Need to Know About Buying Paint
5/6/14 10:39 AM

It is an absolutely beautiful remodel... but I do not understand why you'd go through tearing down walls and creating all this new space when you're not even going to use it. Downgrading from 4 burners to 2... and no oven? I'm baffled.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped Shoebox Kitchen Gets Gorgeously Gray Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/24/14 11:25 AM

you're killing me holding off on the sangria recipe :)

A Friday Board Game Night with Friends, Dinner, Snacks & Sangria Gatherings From The Kitchn
3/26/14 12:04 PM

im so late to this but im adding myself to the "meh" list for kale. it just does nothing for me.

i'll take swiss chard over it any day.

Side Dish Recipe for Pizza: Fiery Kale with Garlic and Olive Oil Pick a Side! from Tara Mataraza Desmond
3/24/14 11:22 AM

oh good lord... reason #845 why im terrified of being pregnant one day

The Food Lover's Guide to Surviving Morning Sickness
2/19/14 02:04 PM

this is very interesting. i keep meaning to get some food prep gloves.

japalenos never usually bother me. poblanos, however, kill my hands- but not my husbands! it's too funny, i find poblanos to be more mild than jalapenos.

anyone know the reasoning behind this?

Hot Pepper Hands: An Easy Way to Stop the Burn
2/19/14 11:58 AM

bless you. i cannot for the life of me cook bacon (im so ashamed) and i have to do it solo tonight, since im the only one home. ill try the water method :)

Did You Know? 18 of Our Smartest, Most Surprising Kitchen Tips Cookings Tips from The Kitchn
2/19/14 11:54 AM

These look absolutely delicious. I usually have a hard time thinking outside of the box when it comes to crowd pleasing HDs.

Also, I LOVE the sweet potato suggestion!

Party Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites with Spicy Sour Cream Dipping SauceRecipes from The Kitchn
1/27/14 10:56 AM

i love the tea one.

once i get my own kitchen (i dont feel like investing in a rental with plaster walls right now) i really want some nice "food art". i love a nice print of an avocado or something for my wall. my husband thinks im weird :)

7 of My Favorite Art Prints for the Kitchen Kitchen Art
1/24/14 05:27 PM

the most recent "challenging" thing I made was guajillo chile salsa. I then simmered cubes of pork and potato in it. served it with homemade sopes.

it wasn't hard, but it was something i've never done before and something i've never eaten before. i was watching food network (actual cooking shows were on!)- and there was a mexican show where the host made it.

it was delicious! it was a bit of a pain to find dried guajillo chiles but it was so worth it when i did :)

Help Me Find Something New and Challenging to Make for Valentine's Dinner! Good Questions
1/24/14 05:24 PM

just recently made what i would consider the best soup to ever come out of my kitchen. it was definitely a "stone soup" type- dirt cheap. cooked up a whole bag of pinto beans w/ garlic, bay leaf, salt and rosemary, pureed half, added the bean broth to sauteed onion, carrot, celery. then added the puree and the whole beans along with farro (or barley), cooked seperately. throw pureed and diced tomatoes in there and you're good to go!

What Is Your Favorite \"Stone Soup\"?
1/23/14 11:15 AM

this is timely for me. i have a similar style containers by martha stewart. i've had them for about 1.5 years and they just started leaking somehow. curry soup stinking up my lunch bag. plus, they're VERY heavy! i take the train to work and have a bit of a walk so lugging a heavy bag is no fun.

i just made a big batch of soup and had a moment of genius- a mason jar. i was hesistant to use it at first, but i did and it was wonderful. tight seal, lighter than the alternative, effective use of vertical space and CHEAP! it is the most hipster thing i've ever done but it is life changing.

The Best Lunch Containers for Soup: Glasslock Snapware Containers Product Review
1/23/14 11:03 AM

dogfish is from my home state and is always delicious, so of course im a huge fan. i haven't had this pils yet- i'll have to keep an eye out for it!

Beer Review: Piercing Pils from Dogfish Head Brewery Beer Sessions
1/16/14 02:01 PM

this is a great review, thanks. i got so excited when i saw the first image but you bring up some really good points. i'd love to get into canning- i see you teach the basics? has the kitchn done any articles on it? or do you have any particular websites that you find especially helpful? thanks :)

Ball FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System Product Review
1/14/14 02:59 PM