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You guys turned a diamond in the rough to brilliant. Your hard work bounces off the photos.

Kathrin & Brian's Dome in the Desert House Tour
6/10/14 02:16 PM

I love this space. It looks inviting and comfortable just from the photos. Would love to see a more extended shoot. Thank you for sharing!

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/23/14 12:00 PM

I'm so glad you said that about those two paintings although I lean towards the one with cats I think they are fabulous. At least one if like me space is tight but two if the wall fits.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 11:38 AM

Aside from the fact that your cat is a photo gem and the dog seems like a gentle soul. I have to think it is very satisfying to live and work in your home.

Tasha's Colorful & Comfy Austin Home (& Backyard \"Beach Lodge\" Studio) House Tour
4/14/14 11:44 AM

Functional and welcoming.
You guys are both cat and dog people......Love that too!

Joe & Brad's Small Space with Big Style House Tour
3/31/14 03:02 PM

First, I'm a two cat owner because I lived in an apartment that only allowed cats at the time. But I have both friends and relatives who have dogs all in houses. I hope you decide to go through with your rescue for the following. Using one example of friends who rescued 'a medium' size dog as a puppy who became a 'large' size dog. Yes, she has a doggy door to go in and out into a fenced backyard but she doesn't get a walk every day or runs at the park.
You describe a lifestyle that to me a cat owner but an observer of several dogs lives seem like a little piece of heaven. Much luck in finding the dog to become part of your family.

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/12/14 11:11 AM