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*bookmarked. I love posts like this!

Rental Decor on a Budget: Ideas for Using Removable Wallpaper In Small Quantities Renters Solutions
7/30/14 02:37 PM

It's a really cute idea, but I don't think there's anything wrong with Vjom's comment. We should all think about how we use energy and it's good to have people remind us that.

Combat Summertime Stuffiness: Try a Smelly Simmer! Comment of the Day
7/16/14 05:25 PM

Try "How We Montessori." They have a whole section on setting up a room, if I remember right.

I really love this room. I'd like to make one myself one day, so I have a couple of questions. Do you rotate toys so you can store in-rotation toys more accessibly? Do you have other kinds of 'stations' in the house (I've seen a lot of people with kitchen and bathroom stations in the kids' room and have wondered why they don't just put them in the kitchen or bathroom)? Why is your art at adult eye-level?

Again, great job with the space! I'd like to see more kid rooms on AT that incorporate pedagogy into the design.

Stella's Happy, Calm, Montessori-Inspired Room My Room
7/16/14 09:00 AM

I love the stools!

Freia's Cozy, Colorful Corner in the Master Bedroom Nursery Tour
7/15/14 03:00 AM


Lenny Kravitz Releases Wood Flooring Line Design News
7/14/14 02:10 PM

I don't know that I'm protective, but I have noticed that I've been more sensitive to keeping my apartment tidy since I've put a lot of thought into how its designed.

Are You Protective Of Your Projects?
7/14/14 02:07 PM

I really like the new bedding! I can see the attraction of the old one, but I personally find the simplicity of the other much more relaxing and in keeping with the architecture. Plus, the blog shows the details on the pillow quite well.

Before & After: An Eichler Master Gets a Meticulous Makeover
7/14/14 02:01 PM

I have not found a store in Germany that sells top sheets. Are all Germans gross? Are Americans the only sanitary people in the world because they have top sheets? Sillyness.

I really like the point of this post: we don't need everything we're told we need. It's very refreshing after those "must have" lists that said we "need" all kinds of useless stuff to do even the simplest things.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/13/14 09:20 AM


Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/11/14 03:47 AM

Beautiful! Where did you get the shade?

Before & After: A Dumpster Lamp Gets a New Life
7/6/14 03:30 AM

It sounds like your daughter has a different (more social, less tidy) concept of 'adult' than you do. She, in turn, wants to pass this concept on to her kids, which she is totally free to do, because they are her kids.

To Playdate or Not To Playdate When Your House is a Mess?
6/30/14 05:46 PM

I keep little pieces of paper: tickets for things we went to, a brochure or map for something we visited, plane tickets, the paper coverings of old tea bags, etc. Right before out wedding, I made my husband a mini-scrapbook out of a passport-style notebook. I just glued one scrap per page, cropped to fit the page. It's very small (read: easy to pack when we move) and personal. Plus, there's something really special about touching these little artifacts and remembering their significance long after the event.

It's also a way to collect without the empty consumerism of some collecting.

Bring the Holiday Home: Practical Souvenir Ideas for Design Lovers
6/30/14 03:16 PM

I like sponges because they hold water and have the scrubby side to them. We don't have a double sink, so with a sponge, I can wash a dish with soapy sponge water and then rinse it right away in the sink before putting it out to dry.

My husband uses dish rags, but didn't rinse dishes (I've found this to be rather normal in France and Germany) until I read him the back of the dishwashing soap that said it shouldn't be ingested.

Household Myths: Are These Urban Legends Legit?
6/25/14 02:39 PM

So what if Claire likes pink? For me, being a feminist means believing in people's rights to choose how they want to express their gender, and if this girl wants to express it this way, then she should be allowed to do so.

I love how Claire had a say in putting her room together, how her mom made the DIY with her, and that she has easy access to her things. The tone of the article makes it sound like her parents are trying to foster the independence, confidence, and freedom I associate with raising a little feminist.

Claire's Pink Palace My Room
6/25/14 09:36 AM

This is a great room! I love the look and will head on over to the blog to see that red storage shelf hinted at in the 7th picture.

AP should hire proofreaders, though. The poster is wonderful, but I really think it's AP's responsibility to correct blatant errors (like subject verb agreement) before publication.

Again, I loved both the room and the content of the text. Zeb is a lucky kid to have such a talented mom!

Zeb's Scandi Minimalist Big Boy Room My Room
6/16/14 01:58 PM

The "traveler" and "explorer" categories seem to be a romanticizing colonialism. My love of colorful blankets doesn't mean I want to buy plaster giraffes...

Just for Fun Online Design Quizzes:
What Is Your Style?

6/9/14 11:55 AM


Marie's Tiny Parisian Balcony Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 12:16 PM

Very true, Ms. Rose. The coffee snob in me finds this product a let down. To make a good pour over coffee, the trick isn't just the bloom. It's also about spreding the water over all parts of the grounds evenly so they're all evenly extracted. I don't think that this machine does that, not to mention the mirad of other things an excellent barista will take into account (humidity, different kinds of beans and roasts, etc.).

If you want coffee at that level, then there's no way around learning how to do it and investing time into doing it right. If it's not that important, and all you want is a fresh cup of coffee without spending much energy on it (like me at 5am), then there are pleanty of perfectly good coffee makers on the market for far less than 480 dollars.

Ratio Coffee Machine
6/3/14 06:26 AM

I love this room! It's so simple and bright, and I love how every piece has a little story. Very special.

Gemma's Golden Confetti Room My Room
5/30/14 06:16 AM

When I lived in France, I hardly ever went to a normal grocery store. I had my "guys." My butcher, my chevre maker/goat farmer, baker, honey guy, fruit guy, etc. After a while, I started developing relationships with the sellers and it made me feel like I was part of a community, and that my meal was an extension of that community (which was really good for me, especially before I was able to make friends abroad).

I don't know how possible this is where you live, but it could be worth looking into. Is there a farmers market?

Also, growing your own food is great! A couple of radishes or some lettuce in a self-watering planter are super low-maintenance and really go a long way. It keeps longer, tastes better, and YOU grew that!

Eat at Home: Tips, Projects and No-Fail Strategies to Save Money and Avoid Eating Out
5/23/14 02:09 AM