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I really like the that a life sized, stuffed dog that I am catching a glimps of in photo number 7?

Edgar & Larry's "New Parisian" in Rogers Park
House Tour

11/12/11 02:33 PM

so enjoyed this tour. i am scared to death of color...can she come to my place and help me out????

Joi & David's A+ Illusion of Luxury
House Tour

3/14/11 05:37 PM

can we see the floor plan PLEASE!

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/8/11 12:37 PM

i LOVE orange and i now crave your house! BEST house tour so far!

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/8/11 12:34 PM

love the color of the entry table.

Jessica and Angela's Art-Filled Oasis
House Tour

3/7/11 02:41 PM

i have a bamboo garden wall trellis as my headboard. looks great.

Inspiration: Unconventional Headboards
3/1/11 11:36 AM

my only dislike is that the dining table is not centered under the light.
if you shove it over just a tad it will be perfect and my OCD can relax. :-)
LOVE all the orange!

Dana & JB's Single Family Home + Studio Gem
House Tour

2/28/11 09:30 AM

Why did you take away a bedroom only to turn a walk-in closet into a tiny baby bedroom?
Makes no sense.

Before & After: Katherine's Warehouse Loft Update
2/25/11 04:23 PM

I hate, hate, hate TV's above a fireplace! No on wants to sit with their head cocked upward to watch the darn thing!

Before & After: Traditional Bungalow Modernized
2/1/11 09:03 PM

i had to set my bed and boxsprings on the floor so my old dog could still make it onto the no underbed storage for me.
no storage...but my dog is happy!

The Perks & Pitfalls of Under-the-Bed Storage
1/28/11 03:36 PM

i'm assuming you move that monster of a plant off of your dining table when you have people over to eat?

George Lowell's Classic Contemporary Apartment
House Tour

1/23/11 12:13 PM

AGAIN.....why no square footage mentioned?
Do they rent or own?
How long have they lived there?

This is all info that is being left off on a lot of tours lately!

Rosie & Matt's Renovation
House Call

1/23/11 12:10 PM

why is AT "forgetting" to give us square footage on a lot of house tours lately?
I always want to know the size, how long they have lived there, and if they rent or own. All those things make a difference in an opinion of a place.

Kelly & Kevin's New West Town Digs
House Call

1/23/11 12:08 PM

i just got rid of an almost identical sectional..but it was blue...a really ugly, fake velvet, covered in blue flowers, blue.
i wanted to get it reupholstered but couldn't afford to do I sold it to a guy for $125.

The editor from Atomic Ranch Magazine even posted my question and photos of it in the latest issue.

AT Book Alert: Update on Dana
1/23/11 12:03 PM

OMG..i just realized that the table was RUINED! it had an amazing white base...but it got paiinted pink too!

Fresh Start Color Makeover: From Blue to Pink
Cherish Toronto

1/23/11 11:54 AM

the pink is photographing as a horrible color..not pink at at this point..i say the blue was better.

Fresh Start Color Makeover: From Blue to Pink
Cherish Toronto

1/23/11 11:52 AM

LOVE IT! can i have that great orange and green pillow that is on your bed?

Caitlin and Levi's Youthful Loft with His and Hers Offices
House Tour

1/22/11 07:48 PM

i dig it. my only suggestion is to find a way to hide the bed.
maybe a cool room divider screen or hanging screen...something.

Amy's Dashing Details
House Tour

1/22/11 05:58 PM


Stephanie's Art Collection
House Call

1/22/11 05:54 PM

i am just wondering why so much work was put into this place...and then they ended up using a tacky TV Tray table as an end table next to the couch!

Janelle's High Impact Oasis
House Tour

12/6/10 04:05 PM