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Nice and cute. It works if the former dining room is off to the side and isn't a part of the major traffic pattern. In our house, to get to the "living room" area in the so-called "great room" you have to walk right through the dining area. I'm planted there right now on a little fold out desk and it is the pits. At about the time I'm ready to really take off and get lots done in the late afternoon, my historically most productive time, my husband, who also works at home, is done for the day. So he comes on downstairs from his office, the 3rd bedroom with the door on it, and plants himself in the LR where he turns on the TV cuz he's ready for down time. Which throws a giant wrench in my work. What to do?

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11/4/13 10:00 PM

I'd kill for this "problem." You have a space that already looks like an office and it has doors. Are those pocket doors? If so, you lucky thing! I am trying to launch a PR consultancy from a tiny little desk that sits on the side of the dining room which is really a part of the "great room" in our townhouse. My husband got the 3rd "spare bedroom" as his office. There's no place for me in this house. I need a room with a door. That would be such a helpful first step and start. We don't have any! Ideas??

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11/4/13 09:57 PM