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At craft fairs, I have no problem with the "I can make that!" comment...that person is not going to buy from me, and that's ok. It allows me to focus my attention on someone that might actually be interested in purchasing something. :)

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/15/14 01:27 AM

I miss some of my roomies. My first roomies were three siblings that were really creative and got along ridiculously well. My last roomie (not counting my husband) is still one of my best friends.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was the roomie that stole my expensive aged cheddar, covered it in peanut butter and left a trail from the kitchen to the back door to "lure" a mouse outside. Then her replacement that dug a giant hole in the backyard and filled it with meat scraps as a sort of compost bin. All it did was attract rodents. And the third one that stole a fire hydrant and left it in the kitchen. For months.

You never know what you're gonna get...

Living with Roommates (Just for the Fun of It)
7/11/14 01:51 PM

"People should own homes but a major problem is young people want the kind of home their parents probably have. They don't realize they need to start small and that they don't need a McMansion. Most houses built in the 40's and 50's were under 1,000 sq ft."

Yep. I consider myself guilty of this mindset, in a way. I don't want a big fancy house by any means- way too paranoid about serial killers hiding in rarely used rooms- but I do want to own a modest house with a modest yard, just big enough for a family of four. The same kind of basic, cozy home that I grew up in.

My husband and I are now discussing starting our own family, but I keep saying, "no, no, not until we own a house." As if people have never started families while living in an apartment or rented home. I always forget that when I was a little kid, my young parents were renting a damp one bedroom duplex in Gainesville, FL. Everything turned out just fine. I should be more patient :)

One Inspiring Reason For Owning a Home Comment of the Day
7/10/14 12:20 AM

Favorited! I am totally amazed that such a small space can look so uncluttered, spacious, lived in, and full of personality.

Kristen's Comforting & Cozy Abode Small Cool Contest
6/7/14 11:19 AM

Love it, especially the way you mixed the TV in with the artwork on the wall. I think it looks fantastic!

Nicole's Little Oasis Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 10:01 AM

I love those blue walls and all of the colorful furniture and knick knacks! The kitties are really sweet too :)

Jamie's Wild Blue Yonder House Tour
6/3/14 12:05 PM

You got me! :)

Kitchen Trends We Love:
Marble + Foam

4/1/14 11:39 AM

Awesome! Gold is my favorite color for printing :)

Trend Watch: Golden Goods
3/31/14 12:01 PM

"The Quilter's Candle" makes the most amazing pine and balsam scented candle. We actually decided this past Christmas to skip the tree and burn this candle instead. They are a very small company based out of Oregon (I am not affiliated with them in any way, promise!) We discovered them at the Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last summer:

I like the Brazilian Orchid scented candles from World Market too :)

Tell Us: What Are Your Favorite Scented Candles? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/25/14 11:02 AM

lynell- yes, thrift store is the seriously the best way to go, especially for dishes which I have a tendency to break :) I'm always amazed by the gorgeous stuff that can be found for just a fraction of the price. Although those Anthropologie dishes are SO BEAUTIFUL.

How I Set a Swanky Thanksgiving Table: And 5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget Gatherings from The Kitchn
11/11/13 10:49 AM

Seriously. What happened? I used to be that girl with her tongue sticking out in all the pictures (CRINGE), now I'm happy to spend my Friday night at home, alone in my craft room, with a cup of tea. Nice to see all the other introverts on here.

In other news: Andie, I LOVE your dress! :)

Happier at Home: Top 5 Books for Homebodies
11/4/13 10:39 AM