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I dont' have kids but have done A LOT of babysitting and found that the kids who had detailed schedules were overwhelmingly easier to deal with then the ones who were not on schedules. I LOVED when moms would hand me a schedule of their little lovies day/evening instead of just telling me what time they went to bed.

"The Key to a Peaceful Home with Toddlers"
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11/24/10 12:33 PM

i cleaned out my pantry last night! Granted, this should not have been difficult as we moved into our apartment LAST MONTH. but still, when moving in i had more of the "just get everything off the floor and onto a shelf" mindset than an organizing one. Over the course of the month I realized what I needed to change and what had worked well.
I turned down my sweet husbands suggestion that we go to home depot and get another bakers rack (it was 10pm at night and I didn't want to start another project on top of a current project...)
Everything fits and looks great!

I haven't done the fridge yet (not much to do other than wipe the shelves) and I did my monthly menu planning to include using up the frozen meals in my freezer.

Inside the Kitchen Cure: Cleaning & Organizing the Pantry
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

10/21/10 12:07 PM

oh photo booth idea is cute!

since we grew up in a "not quite safe" neighborhood, my parents always threw a party and all us kids went trick or treating from bedroom door to bedroom door. we loved it! given january temperatures, this would be a fun "game."

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10/20/10 03:11 PM

We have a Queen Sultan Hamnvik. We bought it back in June and are quite satisfied.

The first night my husband (6'4") and I both woke up at the same time sweating. Seems the matress had absorbed a ton of heat during transportation. We were worried that it would be a "warm bed" (fine for me, horrible for him) but turns out it cooled down and all was well.

We were a little worried about buying an Ikea bed but with the 25 year warranty we couldn't pass it up.

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10/11/10 02:35 PM

i have a wire basket (picked up from Michaels) in which i put all of our wedding cards (we got married in april). i know one day these will get twined together and boxed but for now, it's nice to see all the love and well wishes from our friends and family.

5 Ways to Keep Love Letters & Sentimental Collections
9/18/10 11:00 AM

my mom made about 1200 of these for my brunch wedding reception! people LOVED them. she started making and freezing them about 6 weeks before the wedding and they turned out to be absolutely fabulous.

Make-Ahead Recipe: Crustless Mini-Quiches
8/27/10 10:16 AM

i made these for a party i threw on monday night. though i did the short cut bought pie dough. go ahead and judge me. so easy, so good.

Individual Peach Ginger Hand Pies You Can Pack for Lunch
8/27/10 10:12 AM

The best memories of my childhood are staying up late with my brother to watch the all star game. my mom would pull out the sleeper part of our couch and make us a different baseball treat for each inning. She would make homemade corn dogs, popcorn, cracker jacks, ice cream, big league chew, pretzels...all of our favorites.
My mom still calls me every year when the game is on and asks me if i'm watching it and what snack i made.

Play Ball! Best Snacks for Watching Baseball at Home
8/10/10 01:29 PM

i shopped at one of these types of stores when i was in was great for good food on a budget. who cares if the cereal box is a little dented, put it in a cute rubbermade container and you are good to go! the store also had tons of other great stuff, name brand shampoo/conditioner. it was great.

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5/12/10 04:55 PM

how about cloth napkins? it's the little things that make life better.

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3/18/10 04:12 PM

this weekend my fiancee and i received a wedding gift of tupperware for which we had registered! it was great to throw away all the old, mismatching pieces (which we did keep and plan on "repurposing" since we are constantly entertaining and love sending leftovers home with our guests).
it did my heart good when i looked in the cabinet adn everything was matching beautifully!

Food Storage Containers: 7 Tips for Controlling Clutter | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/8/10 05:00 PM

maybe this would be a good kitchn foods to bring when babies are born, to a grieving seems like cooking is the most natural thing to do when celebrating or grieving but sometimes it's difficult to know what to take.

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2/22/10 05:08 PM

fruit skewers (though could be dangerous for the kiddos) so maybe just grapes.
make sure to bring sufficient sip cups.
COFFEE and Tylenol.

What Can I Make for a Toddler-Friendly Brunch Party? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/14/10 04:25 PM

we are actually look for some "bite sized quiche" (or the like) recipes if anyone has any ideas.

Holiday Entertaining: Throw a Breakfast Party | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn#comments#comments
12/9/09 10:37 AM

i'm actually doing a "stand up breakfast brunch" reception for my wedding. yeah for muffins, mini quieches, cheeses and fruits!!!

Holiday Entertaining: Throw a Breakfast Party | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/8/09 03:37 PM

in the 1960's my grandma bought, piece by piece, nearly the entire collection of Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf dishes (i can't get the story right of whether there was an actual salesman that would come door to door or if she bought them from the grocery store). these dishes are a PERFECT thanksgiving set. so fall, so vintagy, so fabulous.

Setting the Table: Showcasing Special Family Dishes | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/13/09 09:33 AM

i made these when my boyfriends family was in town as an easy breakfast for the masses. a couple thoughts
1. i echo the syrup. definitly needed.
2. i had to bake these for about 15 minutes longer than suggested, though it could have been the boy's oven.
3. the boy suggested an extra layer of topping. he's talking layers. good idea, a middle layer of topping would have made it better.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Baked Apple Streusel Pancake Bars
10/28/09 02:47 PM