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This is a great thread & thanks for the tips. I thought I'd share my own experiences. As many here have said-- after using some el cheapo carts-- the thought was, invest in a better one. I wanted to go one step further & actively look for a cart made in the USA. As of this posting, there was only 1 company I found: Utilacart in Florida. The carts range from $150 to a whopping $250. My mother bought one for me since she thought it was cheaper than chipping in for a car. Ha ha. It was the WORST CART I EVER BOUGHT OR USED. The higher price was supposed to pay for more durability with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. My husband & I use it primarily for laundry. I actually spoke with the Utilacart co-owner who specifically geared me toward the model I purchased for the weight capacity. Big mistake.

Not only does it barely hold 100 pounds, but it folds up on you when you try to push it. It's too unwieldy to pull behind you & you'll wind up getting a kink in your back or, like me, throwing out a bad back. Currently I'm waiting to hear wtf the company will do for me since I'm still under their warranty. So far, aside from asking for photos of the cart-- I'll get to in a minute-- they haven't gotten back.

I've only had the cart 3 months & already the canvas has torn in several places, the seams opened & the canvas actually gets stuck in the wheels so that's worn to nothing. The wheels & axles have bent & today, I tried to get one more use out of but I'm afraid the wheel will fall off. It's too wide to get on any public transit & even folding it flat, it doesn't fit anywhere in our apartment, so I've got it on the front porch. It's pathetic & terrible and a total waste of money.

I've used the classic models, like the Target one but bought from Amazon. The longest running one lasted us 3 years. One cart. Because of the hassle with carts & my health issues, sometimes we have large loads. As weird as it sounds, the best option was getting a deer cart from a hunting supply shop. It's massive. It's a pain in the rear to take apart since it doesn't fold flat-- you have to dismantle it-- but it is solid steel & can hold between 300-450lbs. We actually used it to help move furniture & boxes into our apartment once.

I also had serious issues with the Whole Foods small grocery cart. I think for the $50 they charged it should have lasted more than 6 months. It failed catastrophically while on a train platform almost resulting in my shopping and me being hurled onto the tracks-- I was carefully going down a flight of stairs at the time, had just done a modest shopping & the wheels literally fell off. I was not near home & had to call a taxi.

The Playmarket one mentioned looks neat but the weigh capacity is an odd one, 110lbs. I always try to get a cart that has a weight capacity of 50lbs over what I think I'll use since they almost NEVER hold the capacity.

Easy Does It: Folding Shopping Carts
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