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DH hates my family. We've been married 25+ years. 7 years ago he decided that he is NEVER going to spend Christmas at home again - he doesn't like his family either. So, we've been away on cruises for the last 7 years for Chirstmas and Easter. Thanksgiving has been kind of up for grabs. His "take" is that we did things "my" way or the way my mother and sisters wanted for 17 years - so now it's HIS turn. I explained that I don't think it's too much to ask that I spend ONE holiday a year with my family. The last three years we've hosted Thanksgiving. Sounds great - right? Well, every year there has been some "incident" with dh. Last year he made very hurtful and condescending remarks to my family. When I tried talking to him about it the next day - he said that he was just kidding. Then, in the heat of an argument a few days later, he said "I was just saying how I felt". Fast forward to this year. One of my sister's lives 6 hours away. She invited the family for Thanksgiving. Initially dh said he would go as long as we JUST went for two nights, and ONLY went to their house for dinner - nothing else. Two days later he decided that he can't take off of work the day after Thanksgiving. Well, I decided that I'm going anyway. My mother is afraid to fly by herself. Long and short - we're leaving Thanksgiving morning and will be back by noon on Saturday. DH has to work on Friday, so it's not like I'll be gone that long. His mother and sister have invited him, but he said "No - the only person I want to spend Thanksgiving with is YOU (meaining ME because I don't care about anyone else.". I explained that we can do "Thanksgiving" the night before - anywhere he wants to go (he really prefers to go out). He's always said "It's just another day". I really believe he's making an issue out of this because he hates my family. I think that if I were going to a friend's house , he wouldn't act this way. Of course I will not bring this up to add fuel to the fire.
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The Family Holiday Tap Dance
10/31/13 10:48 PM