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Sure it's cluttered- but don't get rid of a thing! Minimalist is one style, not the only style. This place is so great and everything has its place. It's full and yet doesn't feel like anything is out of place. If only I could accomplish that with my own place. I too have lots of sentimental, lovely things that I'm constantly trying to find a place for in a small space. I'm not about to get rid of them because being able to see them makes me happy.

Jesse & Leia's Inspired Americana Bungalow
7/28/14 02:24 PM

These are fantastic! If only there were more space on my kid's bookshelf I'd get yet another light and do something like the first or last picture- so cute and creative.

10 Awesome DIY IKEA Hacks for Kids' Room Lighting
6/26/14 12:45 PM

Just FYI for the IKEA Minnen bed- for some reason it's not on the US website, but it is available in stores. We just called directly to check it was in stock.

The Look for Less: Kristy's Kids' Room on a Budget
6/12/14 02:15 PM

Tips for summer savings- wear sweaters in the apartment to save on turning up the heat. Summer in San Francisco- LOL.

Real Life on a Budget: Regina's Summertime Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/29/14 11:56 AM

I love everything about this room! I often think some of the nurseries shown are somehow too perfect or not terribly child-friendly. This one just looks so cozy and accessible!

Amelia & Angus' Lively, Lovely Room My Room
5/20/14 06:20 PM

Love this house! If only I had a designer's eye like this....

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/12/14 12:50 PM

I love the wine storage and the cake tins display. And I think all of the collections around the home really show the personality of the place. Very warm and inviting in my opinion.

Laura's Bright and Beautiful Victorian Duplex in Glasgow House Tour
5/5/14 01:33 PM

This is fantastic! Maybe the kid just pole vaults into bed... :)

A Small, Smart Space for Judah & Layla Kids Room Tour
5/2/14 05:28 PM

I think this is a beautiful, personal, and cozy home. I love the work area next to the kitchen. However I don't like the snake in the kitchen- I would never be able to cook in there. I'm terrified of snakes!!

Jamie's Eclectic Sensibility House Tour
5/2/14 12:13 PM

I love these examples. We have a few of our daughter's pictures on display among other pictures in the dining room. Also, the small gallery wall of artwork I made in her bedroom has expanded to the entire wall full of her pictures that she wants to hang up. It looks chaotic in there but who cares. She loves it and I love that she loves it!

10 Lovely Homes that Display their Children's Artwork Proudly
4/29/14 05:19 PM

I love how this is clean, bright and uncluttered without being at all sterile. Great mix of pieces.

Coppy's Traditional Meets Modern Loft House Tour
4/23/14 01:43 PM

This is gorgeous! I love how different and spacious this looks without changing the basic layout of sink, stove, etc. Since the photos are from the same vantage point, you can really notice the amazing difference.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped NYC Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/21/14 01:26 PM

Love this house! All of the plants and the natural light are gorgeous.

Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort House Tour
1/10/14 03:08 PM

Beautiful space. Maybe the cradle is for the kitty! :)

Elena & Judd's Cozy Amsterdam Apartment House Tour
1/7/14 04:08 PM

Last year the January cure was my daughter's "spend alone time with her dad" on the weekends month- he would take her out to the playground or library for a several hours on the big weekend task days and I would spend that time at home to do the big cleaning projects. I found the alone time nice- even if spent cleaning! Sure things got messed up again pretty quickly, but overall things still looked much better.

How To Conquer The January Cure...
With Kids

1/6/14 06:40 PM

One thing that is nice about a small apartment and not much square footage is that I did get all of the floors done! I did the cure last January and it made such a great difference in our apartment that I'm excited to do it again.

For today's assignment I think I'll take a seat in my bedroom corner- I don't really like our desk (in the bedroom since there is no other space). It just accumulates stuff on top so we can't actually use it. I'm not even going to bother with the toy scattered living room... I've made peace with the fact that it will remain in a perpetual state of disarray until my kid is much older. I have not solved the toy storage question despite putting much thought into it.

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 05:55 PM

Such a wonderful, creative space. As others have said, it feels like a real loved and lived-in home. Makes me want to move in!

Jill & Dan's Lighthearted Home House Tour
12/12/13 11:53 PM

Beautiful job. I love seeing renovations that keep the same basic layout while making such a huge difference. And yes, ugh to the boob light. My rental has a few of them that I have to put up with. I remember it being especially in-your-face when I was up at 3am laying my bed breastfeeding and staring up at the imposing boob light staring right back at me.

Before & After: Lisa's Brooklyn Kitchen
Makeover on a Budget

12/10/13 11:48 PM

It's a beautifully designed space. But while I can appreciate the aesthetic, I could never live there. I need a bit more color in my space! To each their own.....
The dogs are adorable.

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/10/13 11:36 PM

Beautiful rooms! The colors are amazing and the tall ceilings and brick are fantastic. And thank you for having their books on a bookshelf where they can actually reach them. I must say I'm not a fan of the fad of the front-cover-facing-out on bookshelves going up the wall that I see so often on here. Yes, it looks pretty, but I feel like what's the point if the kids can't actually reach the books?

Finley and Jackson's \"Modern Shabby-Chic\" Bedrooms & Playrooms Kids Room Tour
12/9/13 02:08 AM