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Seriously. While I don't agree with the owners' design decisions, the work they have put into this DIY reno is impressive. But it would be more impressive if they had reined in the editorial comments and let the work speak for itself.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Renovation Diary
7/25/14 05:34 AM

Looks nice, but I stand by my comments on previous posts in this series.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Renovation Diary
7/24/14 05:03 PM

When AT posts articles about the trend being dead!

But if you love it, who cares? (Says the girl with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a bedroom painted gray.)

P.S. Bacon ... always in style in my book!

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 12:58 PM

The wainscotting looks lovely. Though I have to be honest with you, your foyer now looks a lot like the brand new "faux Colonial" house that my in-laws bought in the Boston area about a year ago. I guess that's the look you wanted?

And that corner of the foyer where you blocked off the window still looks awfully dark to me.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Wainscoting Renovation Diary
7/23/14 03:55 PM

I say yes to landing strip, items you already have that can be stored there in an attractive way, plants, and framed pictures.

But don't rush to fill the shelves. Maybe wait 3-6 months to see how you use the space and whether you find stuff along the way that you can store there. We recently renovated our apartment, and four months after moving back in, most of our walls are still bare. Just haven't found the right stuff to hang on them yet. Would rather hold out for something perfect and meaningful, as opposed to rushing out just to put something up there. (I did buy a big leafy plant, though!)

As for books, if there are books you want to read, by all means buy them and store them on the shelves. But don't buy them solely for the sake of making a "design statement," or looking all well-read or whatever.

Ideas for Lots of Empty Built-In Shelves? Good Questions
7/23/14 01:18 PM

Also, in the last line, I think you mean "Exciting times"?

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: New Flooring Renovation Diary
7/22/14 02:21 PM

To my extremely untrained eye, it looks as if you did a decent job installing everything. I have posted before that the two-tone floor is NMS, so I won't belabor that point.

As for the marble, it looks pretty, though I wonder how durable it is as a material for floors? I went to a high school whose main hall had these lovely old marble stairs, and the marble in the middle of the stairs wore down over time because of all the students trooping up and down the stairs. Mind you, this happened over the course of a couple of centuries, and one could consider the sloping stairs to be a charming old feature. Though, to echo a point raised above, the marble stairs were slippery!

Also, it's nice to hear that the marble reflects the natural light, because based on these pics, you're going to need that. The issue of blocking off the window with a closet has been discussed to death here, but I feel compelled to point out how dark that corner of the foyer is now. I can't help noticing that the only light in the pictures comes from the door, which is open and it's sunny outside. I find it hard to believe you are going to get a lot of natural light in that space in the dead of the Saskatchewan winter, with that front door closed. But hey, if you're happy....

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: New Flooring Renovation Diary
7/22/14 02:17 PM

Seriously, AT, you should know better than to suggest that renters should feel free to make major changes to their apartments without consulting their landlords, "security-deposit-be-damned." I imagine that at least a few of your readers are young first-time-renters who may follow this advice blindly, without thinking through the consequences.

Read the fine print in your leases, people! If it doesn't give you permission to do the work you want to do, ask for it!

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/22/14 10:03 AM

I get that paper thin flooring needs to be replaced, but I personally don't understand why you wouldn't replace it with new wood that is consistent with the original design of the house. But the homeowners want a change, which is their prerogative.

I am also sad to see the bench go. Now you really see how tiny that space is. In addition to being a charming, unique and functional feature, the bench fit that tiny space perfectly. So if I understand the plan right, the owners are going to replace that adorable bench with a $250 modern one. And cram a closet in that space as well. And a console table. And some bright splashy wallpaper. (Don't get me started on blocking the window.)

That's going to be one cramped, busy space. And people are going to be trooping through there removing parkas and putting on snow boots. Wonder how the dimensions of this space compare to those of Sarah's foyer, the owners' inspiration? I hope for the owners' sake that everything fits.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation: Demo Begins Renovation Diary
7/16/14 07:04 AM

@squibcake FTW!

We have friends who swear by motorized shades, and we considered getting them when we recently renovated our apartment. But we decided against it because (i) we didn't want the additional expense; (ii) we figured it was one more thing that could break; and (iii) given the size of our apartment, it would be extremely lame if we were too lazy to walk about and open the shades manually!

The Home Tech Upgrade You Didn't Know You Can't Live Without Décorview
7/15/14 11:27 AM

Love my rice cooker, though part of this may have to do with the fact that I am Asian. So nice to throw rice and water in the rice cooker, press "cook," and leave it alone until the rest of dinner is ready. A must have IMHO.

Also can't do without my dishwasher, microwave and toaster oven.

What can I do without? TVs in bedrooms (we just have one in our LR).

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 03:44 PM

Love top sheets.

Love place settings for 12. We don't run our dishwasher until it's full, so you need enough dishes for several meals. Plus, as others have noted, things break or get discontinued!

Not an expert on cleaning supplies. Suspect I could do with fewer than I have, but wouldn't want to get rid of all specialty cleaning items.

We just got matching nightstands, though that may be because DH went without one for the longest time, and wanted equality. ;-) Don't have a problem with mismatched nightstands though.

Totally disagree about knives. I have one of those Wusthof knife blocks and regularly use the chef's knife, bread knife, paring knife, carver, boning knife, and this sharp serrated one that's good for tomatoes and bagels!

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 01:12 PM

I rest my case.

You opened the door to the comment about GRANDMA with your snarky comment about how she wanted to keep the wood. If you read Bee for Brian's comment carefully, you'd see that Bee for Brian is imagining your thoughts about GRANDMA's taste. The post suggests to me that Bee for Brian actually agrees with GRANDMA and respects her taste.

You're making some bold design choices and publicizing them through this forum, so you have to be prepared for comments (including my own) that disagree with you. Don't let the negative comments get to you so much. At the end of the day, it's your space and your life. So if you're happy at this end of this process, that's all that matters.

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 11:31 PM

OK, I guess that was two questions!

The Budget for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 02:27 PM

Don't know enough about renovations (especially DIY) to comment on the scope and reasonableness of the budget. My one question: will the overhead fixture be the only electrical light source in the space? Are you going to replace the existing fixture (or is that where the "decorative plaster ring" comes in)?

Given all your concerns about light, and your plans to block off that window with a closet, I would think you might want additional light sources in the room. I suppose you could always put a lamp on top of that console/dresser.

The Budget for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 02:27 PM

I would also take this guidance with a grain of salt. Sure, it's nice to know when hotel rates are the cheapest, but that's only one factor to consider in deciding when to go somewhere. Yes, I am not surprised to see that hotel rates in Paris are the cheapest in August, but that's because all the Parisians skip town then. (Admittedly, some might consider that to be a good thing!) The tourist spots will still be open, but many restaurants will close shop for the month. Plus Paris is really hot and unpleasant in August, and A/C is not necessarily as common there as it is the US.

The Ultimate Money Saving Travel Guide Trivago
7/10/14 01:04 PM

Actually, I think their comment above suggests the exact opposite. Time will tell I suppose!

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/9/14 05:14 PM

So we're not allowed to express negative opinions in the comments? I don't understand why people consent to display their homes and handiwork on AT, and then are surprised/upset that people deign to disagree with their taste! If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Before & After: A Dark Side Table Gets A Dose of Whimsy
7/9/14 02:28 PM

The Sarah Richardson foyer is fine, but it screams "generic" to me and is nowhere near as charming as your current foyer. Not a fan of the two-toned floor either. But whatever, it's your house and you're the one living in it. If you're going to put wainscotting in, make sure you keep it super clean (particularly since you're painting it Ultra White). I had white wainscotting in a bathroom once and found it tough to clean the dust out of all the crevices (though admittedly my wainscotting was much more detailed than the photos here, and I'm dealing with city dust). I would also suggest that you restrain your Boho impulses when it comes to tchotchkes. If you're going to have people trudging in and out of there removing parkas and snow boots, you don't want them knocking over a pile of vintage suitcase (which, frankly, is becoming a design cliche these days). Hope your plans work out for you.

Inspiration for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/9/14 01:54 PM

Sorry, I'm with the previous posters who wonder why you complain about the dark wood yet plan to block off a window for a coat closet. I would think that improving the lighting (maybe add some sconces to complement the overhead lighting fixture?) and maybe adding a light colored but durable rug would help to brighten the space. I get that some of the wood is too old to salvage and needs to be replaced. But it kills me when people take lovely old homes with lovely old architectural details and turn them into generic white boxes.

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/8/14 04:35 PM