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Of course! I've been trying to teach my small kids how to tell the time for a while now, and it's not clicking. That flower clock is fun and a gentle reminder. Wonderful room!

Big & Tiny's Room for Discovery & Play My Play Room
6/25/14 06:33 PM

This looks so incredibly comfy and bright - one of my favorite family houses on AT. It looks as if children actually (happily) live there!

Gigi's Candy-Colored London Cottage House Tour
5/29/14 12:33 PM

I was surprised by all the IKEA, too! It looks warm and custom-built. I expected the items to come from much more expensive sources. Great job!

A Small, Smart Space for Judah & Layla Kids Room Tour
5/2/14 03:13 PM

It's beautiful, I'll check it out. Thanks!

Lorelai's Thrifted, Vintage-Inspired Nursery My Room
10/25/13 10:41 PM

Beautiful room! What is the chrysanthemum blanket pattern you used for the quilt? I can't find it online. The baby is beautiful - congratulations!

Lorelai's Thrifted, Vintage-Inspired Nursery My Room
10/25/13 04:20 PM