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Ah I see... in London the average family home is under 900 sq feet! My first flat was about 450 sq feet and a cousin visiting from Poland remarked that families live in homes that size as a matter of course. It's all relative.

Laura's Historic Building Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 05:19 PM

Great location and a warm and inviting home. But I don't see how 956 sq feet can be called small...

Laura's Historic Building Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 02:39 PM

Lovely! but her name's Chloe, right? Like on the pillow?

Minky's Pink Paradise My Room
4/4/14 03:15 PM

Not sure I'd love staring at my face as I wash dishes...

Dark Kitchen? Try a Mirror The Kitchn
3/17/14 09:48 AM

Only a glimpse of the bathroom? A shame. He may find it awful, I think the 70s tiles look amazing...

Jeremy's Light and Heavy Home House Tour
3/14/14 04:09 PM

This is so great! As a fellow Londoner my outdoor space is looking pretty manky. I'm interested to know how the spray paint will wear - did you have to get outdoor paint, or just normal spray paint? I love the grass too.

Before & After: A Tiny London Terrace Gets a Dose of Spring
3/14/14 04:05 PM

Very different and quirky and a lot of creativity has gone into this home. Not my style but well done! I'd love to see the bathroom. Is that what's in the big closet-type thing?

Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft House Tour
3/6/14 02:29 PM

I so want to visit Glasgow! And could she be any cuter?! The hair, outfit... girl-crush.

Cassandra Belanger at The Stitchery Studio, Glasgow Workspace Tour
3/6/14 10:42 AM

Beautiful space! I love the light, airy living rooms.

Katy's Charming, Quirky Home in the Sunshine State House Call
2/9/14 02:12 PM

The RIBBA project isn't a hack, unless I'm missing something? It's just some framed text.

Weekend Project Ideas: 10 Power Tool-Free IKEA Hacks to Try
2/9/14 01:11 PM

I think it sounds healthy, if a little samey. Also, I'd be starving!

Agree that A Girl Called Jack is brilliant.

How Lesley Cooper Fed Her Family for Less Than $2 a Day
2/7/14 01:13 PM

What's the British equivalent of heavy cream? Double cream?

How To Make Chocolate Ganache for Any Dessert Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/7/14 01:10 PM

Lenny Kravitz?! He's branching out...

14 Designers Reinterpret the Bourgie Lamp Design News
2/5/14 02:00 PM

Very beautiful home, though not my style at all. But AT, WOAH with the fisheye lens. That made my head hurt.

Esthera and Gus's Bohemian Abode House Tour
2/1/14 01:10 PM

I love some of it - would've been nice to see the kids' rooms too. From the photos it actually looks smaller than 3000+ square feet!

Chloe's Stylish West London Home House Tour
1/19/14 01:11 PM

Lovely. Where is the living room rug from?

Tim's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
1/16/14 08:55 AM

Love the dining chairs and sideboard! But... isn't there a resident missing? They clearly have a child (stroller, crib), but no mention of him/her.

Elena & Judd's Cozy Amsterdam Apartment House Tour
1/6/14 11:43 AM

Use wall space - are the ceilings high? Shelving or wall-mounted storage units can be your friend here.

Ditto cabin bed, if the ceilings are high.

How Can I Downsize to a 6'x6' Bedroom? Good Questions
12/9/13 07:59 AM

Agree with Dolly... and personally I prefer the quirky, creative ones over the very-rich-people ones...

Tyler & Lolly's Modern Mews in London House Tour
11/30/13 09:42 AM

Love it, this house is a dream! So happy and light and airy. I love white walls with lots of colour, 60s stuff, bright textiles... do you do B&B? I'm in London but would love a trip to Cornwall... :)

Polly & Dai's Happy Cornwall Cottage Home House Tour
11/22/13 11:05 AM