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Hello. I love to read all of your ideas! You should know that you inspired me not to give up on my goal. Like you, I was always taking pictures of things to keep a record, but they were all mixed in my camera roll with thousands of other pictures. I felt the need to separate pictures of things, documents, and all sorts of visual information from my private and family photos. This is how the idea of creating a dedicated place for all that stuff evolved.

Initially, I wanted to create a smartphone app for myself and maybe a few of my friends to organize all that clutter. Once I started talking about it with a friend, we realized we both struggle with the problem. Others we interviewed had the same issue too. We soon realized we had found a niche! We found a problem, and we can solve it! It’s a good start for a business, isn’t it? But since we are little lazy, (that’s why we take snapshots instead of writing a note) we needed a very simple tool which solves the entire problem at once. So we started drawing mock-ups, and guess what? We were so excited, that we started to stuff this app with an endless list of functions. Even as we were designing an app to organize clutter, the clutter began to fill our process as if it were a law of nature. Clutter is everywhere and we were not exempt.

I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't come across your posts here. I found like-minded people and realized that what they need is a simple, fast working, easily accessible, and intuitively searchable tool for their pictures. We got rid of functionality clutter from our app and made it simple enough to actually use it. We believe it is just what you need and not too complicated to confuse you.

I want to wholeheartedly thank you for being our muse. We are just about to finish our app, and we would really love to have your opinion on it once it’s ready. I am nervous to ask your opinion as you are the patrons of the project, however, I wish to have your support. Please check out the Klaser App on our landing page or follow us on Thank you guys!

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