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My dad got this as a gag gift this past Christmas. My parents' cat has officially fallen in love with it; in the middle of the night he'll grab it in his mouth, run up to the top of the stairs, and drop it to hear it howl. Over and over and over again. It's super cute! But the first night it happened, my parents nearly had a heart attack.

Fling Sock Monkey
4/8/14 10:30 AM

We jumped the gun! We actually did this over the weekend because it was getting ridiculous. We had books stuffed on top of each other on the bookshelf, books stacked three deep on our trusty, backless Expedit shelves to the point where if you sat on the couch you'd see them poking out the back. Not exactly conducive to a tidy environment.

We chose a day when we were ruthless about cleaning because otherwise we'd get sentimental and end up tossing a few outdated science texts and everything else would just get crammed right back. We ended up putting 50% of our books out in the hallway of our building. We thought about selling, but honestly we just wanted it gone.

Of about two hundred books, almost all of them are gone a few days later. It has made me immensely happy to see that they're being used! And it has validated our decision to get rid of them. I expected to feel remorse by now, but I honestly don't. There will always be books I hang on to, because I love them, but for everything else there's Kindle.

Lightening Up: Declutter Media Collections January Cure Assignment #16
1/23/14 12:18 PM

As long as we have electricity, my husband and I can go a few days before we start to feel it. We're movie and TV buffs and have a long list of shows and movies we've been intending to watch. Every time we're snowed in or home sick together, we chip away at it. (We're so busy the rest of the time.) Perhaps being home awhile is easier when you have an agenda, no matter how inane it is. ;)

We're also gamers. And I enjoy cleaning. And we have a big collection of board games and the like. It's difficult for me to get bored at home, there's always something to do.

That said, after about three days I start to feel pretty gross and the air starts to feel stale, so any longer than that and I'm probably getting antsy.

How Long Could You Go Without Leaving The House?
1/17/14 10:15 AM

I agree wholeheartedly that a lot of the house tours are starting to blur together for me. House tours used to be my favorite thing (I'm that type of creep who can't help looking when I walk by an open window at night) but lately I've just been glossing over them. Too much MCM. Too much "curating." Too many houses belonging to design professionals. Not enough homes.

And while this isn't the fault of AT, exactly, whenever a more unique type of house tour is posted, the comments are stuffed to bursting with "Not my style, but ___." I admit that it frustrates me to the point that I don't read comments anymore. It's starting to feel like a feedback loop where only the minimalist, modern, MCM-style houses make it into circulation, to the exclusion of some really interesting homes.

I agree with other commenters that the house tours can sometimes focus too much on the details. I know the details are sexy, but I really like to get a sense of the space, and sometimes I think that is either underplayed or ignored altogether.

And more small spaces!! It's not just me being a sourpuss about having fewer than 800sf to my name. Part of what I like most is seeing how people rise to the challenge of making a home in small spaces. Especially studios. Tours of 1500sf houses can be gorgeous, but I don't get that same sense of satisfaction and fascination that I get from looking at a well-organized studio.

What Would You Like to Hear More About?
10/24/13 12:02 PM