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That's some handsome work. I kind of like that the piping's a little wavy, actually? It repeats the shape of the arms and counterpoints the angularity of the legs. It's "incorrect" but not in a bad way, if that makes sense.

Before & After: MCM Chair Gets an Upholstery Redo
4/11/14 10:35 AM

It's "wring", not "ring".

Weekend Wipe Down: 6 Easy (& Some Weird) Ways to Clean Baseboards
4/5/14 02:54 PM

It's also a good idea to clean the litterbox itself now and then. It's nobody's favorite chore but hot water, soap, and vinegar go a long way toward cutting down on cat funk.

Big List of Tips for a Less-Stinky Home: How to Manage Pet Odors
3/7/14 01:10 PM

That's cute as hell, well done Natalie.

Before & After: Natalie's New, Blue Chair Special
3/5/14 07:56 PM

Buying good quality vintage is an investment. These are beautiful chairs in what looks to be beautiful shape, and if they're cared for they'll last Kaycee the rest of her life. Chevron's not for me either but she likes it and it works in her space, so who cares? Seriously, let's just be glad she didn't paint the wood white.

Great find, Kaycee, I hope you keep enjoying these chairs for a long time.

Before & After: Kaycee's Customized Kofod Larsen Chairs
2/26/14 03:45 PM

suzee, I can see it now! Wouldn't that be a cute reupholstery project for a kid's room? This is gorgeous, though, excellent thrifting work by Lesley.

Before & After: A Retro Chair Gets a Cheerful Redo
2/24/14 01:12 PM

Are you a witch? That's amazing!

Before & After: Sarah's Stairs Go Faux (In The Best Way Possible)
2/19/14 12:22 PM

This came out so nice! Green's one of my favorite colors too, I like how cheerful it is here.

Before & After: Bianca's Simple & Sweet Sideboard for Art Supplies
2/15/14 04:48 PM

Hot damn!

Before & After: Katherine's Spicy New Valentine
2/14/14 03:12 PM

It wasn't a spectacular piece in the before and the colors in the after are pleasingly beachy without resorting to the bland first-thought washed-out slate blue and distressed white. I agree that putting the doors back on with a glass insert to show off the pretty interior color would make this really smart, but it's still one of the few painted wood before/afters that isn't awful me-too vandalism. I like it, it'd make me smile if I found it in a cute beach rental.

Before & After: A Dowdy Dresser Gets Hawaii-Ready
2/14/14 03:10 PM

The first one is very pretty but don't ask me to believe anything happens in there beyond microwaving a Cup O' Noodle. These are all still way preferable to some of the creepy lifeless all-white kitchens featured here.

Do This Don't: Wallpaper in the Kitchen
2/14/14 02:05 PM

A lovely haimish, stylish home, modest without austerity and full of character without cloying quirkiness. The ideal. More like this, please!

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/11/14 04:19 PM

Hot damn!

Before & After: Grandma's Bedroom Set Revealed
2/7/14 11:58 AM

Astonishing. Are there any kind of lifetime achievement awards for DIY renovation? Because I'm nominating Jim if there are.

Before & After: Jim's \"Diamond in the Rough\" Nightstands
2/5/14 02:31 PM

This is a really gorgeous place, but every time I try to navigate using the side arrows in the house tour gallery it keeps kicking me back to this page. I'm using Chrome on a Mac, if that helps?

Bianca & Craig's Moody Glam Apartment House Tour
1/24/14 03:14 PM

This is the ideal Before/After!

Before & After: A Sputnik Stunner
11/1/13 11:41 AM

I'm with Charlotte and Bee for Brian. There's a world of difference between this kind of Before/After and the wasteful, thoughtless ones. This isn't an already-beautiful thing being trashed, this is something most folks would've passed over being mended. Good on Chelsea for getting it right, and on Apartment Therapy for posting it.

Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
10/30/13 12:08 PM