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I only have five real pieces of art. I have a painting that my grandma painted that was free to me. I have another painting that I spent 30 or 40 bucks on at a craft show, and a beautiful large painting that cost $60 at a Starving Artists art show, but I went in halves on it with an ex-boyfriend, so I only spent 30 and got to keep it after we broke up! I also have two photographs. One was, I believe, $60 and it was taken by a friend of mine and I bought it at her art show. The other photograph cost me over $100. I want to say it was 116 or something. It won second place in the professional photography category at the New York State fair a few years ago and I fell instantly in love with it and just had to have it. It should have won first place! All of them were impulse buys. I just saw them and they spoke to me, so I purchased them. Except for the painting from my grandma. My aunt has actually had it for years, and I've always admired it, so she said she would give it to me now that I have my own apartment. I actually don't have it in my possession yet. I better get on that. lol

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on Artwork?
5/8/14 10:46 AM

I moved into my first apartment almost a year ago. I have been saying for years that I hate Tupperware and other plastic kitchen containers refuse to buy any when I have my own place. My mom and aunt always teased me and said I would change my mind once I did have my own place. I am proving them wrong though. Since I didn't own any Tupperware to begin with, I didn't have to throw them all out. I've just been buying glass jars of all shapes and sizes from the beginning. Not only do they look a million times better, they are easier to clean. I find that plastic containers have too many grooves where food gets stuck, and they stain much easier. However, I did save three lunch meat plastic containers in case I ever bake cookies and want to share them with someone and don't want to worry about getting my good dishes back. And I refuse to have more than three in my cupboard at a time. If I buy more lunch meat, I'll just throw out the extra container.

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3/26/14 12:58 AM

My boyfriend and I have been having this discussion lately. He uses just the duvet and its cover; I use a top sheet, blanket, and quilt. We like to pick on each other about it, but neither of us thinks the other is weird. It's just a personal preference. I say I don't want a duvet because my aunt made the quilt for me as a gift and I love it. Plus, I think the top sheet blocks the cold air from seeping in on colder nights, and I like layering/shredding blankets depending on the temperature. His argument is that having more than one cover to deal with makes everything get tangled and hard to cover up. He does have a point. When we sleep at my place, the quilt usually ends up on the floor, the blanket scrunched up by our feet, and the top sheet wrapped around one of us, leaving the other person freezing and fighting for the covers in the middle of the night. Neither of us plans on changing how we make our bed right now, but if we ever move in together, I would have no problem using his (and your) method. It seems to make things easier, even if I do love my quilt. So no, you are not weird at all.

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1/31/14 10:36 AM