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READ ME.....Ok, first of all, if you feel industrious, spray paint the rods to match (I'd go bronze or black), but it's not required. Secondly, it appears the grommets on your heavier curtains are nickel and they don't match any of your rods soooo.....that being said, spray paint only if you don't mind mixing metals. Secondly, you have 2 sets of sheers on a very substantial traditional style rod. You need to remove one set of sheers. Sheers over sheers NEVER make sense and looks incomplete. Your other rod has "bird cage" finials. It gives the illusion of a "less" substantial rod, possibly requiring a lighter weight fabric curtain. This is what I would do: Leave the light colored sheers exactly where they are and move the heavier weight grommet curtains in front of them to balance out the different fabric weights. Move the darker sheers to the center of "bird cage" rod, flanking them with a modern floral or striped panel that picks up the darker sheers and whatever other accent colors you may have in the room (I'd play it safe with neutrals, i.e. tans, ivory, gray). You don't have to have a double rod to pull this off. Layering window treatments looks warm, inviting and like you put some thought and creativity into it. Try it, I promise it works and it looks very stylish. Have fun and enjoy your new place!

Do Different Types of Curtain Rods in One Apartment Work? Good Questions
10/23/13 04:56 PM