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I've lived in Oaxaca a few years, and this is the first year I've seen the colored dough designs. I'm also seeing colored foil, gigantic ornaments, and red seeds for eyes (which I've heard are toxic). Anyway, this is a lovely, timely post as I've just finished my altar and am off to the cemetery.
Have You Seen the Dog Lately? blog

Creating a Día de los Muertos Altar
11/1/10 08:39 PM

I've never owned a microwave, nor a dishwasher and, now, not a clothes dryer, but for a brief, shining period, we had a garbage disposal and that was kind of cool. Now I just compost instead. I find that the less I own, the less I seem to need. Well, maybe a toaster.

Live Without: A Microwave Small Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/12/10 11:10 PM

I lived in a casual co-housing situation for a number of years, and the advantages were phenomenal. We all had our private space, but we shared communal areas and various household resources. It makes no sense to me to have my own set of tools, kitchen gadgets and other objects when these things are so easy to share. We've now moved to Oaxaca, but I think I will try co-housing again someday.

Living in a Commune: The Urban Way The New York Times | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/5/10 11:35 PM

It reminds me of an art installation I once saw where you entered the room through an elaborate curtain of fake flower petals. I've always wanted to recreate that space.

Fake Flower "Wallpaper" by Front Design | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/23/10 09:16 PM

We live in Oaxaca and hang dry everything, and also hand wash a lot of things. Like many Mexican houses, ours has an inner courtyard dedicated to open-air washing and drying. I use less detergent than recommended, select a detergent that has fabric softener in it, add white vinegar to the water, and give wet clothes a strong snap before hanging them. No crisp jeans and no ironing. I place my toddler's shirts on the parts of the line that get the most sunlight, and the stains disappear.

Have You Lived Without a Dryer? Survey | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/13/09 09:39 PM

Just a quick correction, being that it's awareness month and all, that those of use with mastectomies do not, in fact, have boobies.

Apartment Therapy New York | Boobies: Because It's Awareness Month
10/27/09 08:10 PM