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Its not much but I've lived in 3 apartments so far, and never painted, mainly because I never could. This current one I've lived in for a couple of months now and about a month ago I took the plunge and painted two opposing walls, Benji Moore Forest Green.

What a huge difference a little colour made to my space both physically and mentally.

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11/10/08 03:29 PM

Anyone have a line on where one could get these up in Toronto? I am about to buy two of the plastic ones with the metal bases, they want 140 a pop but I'd much rather the fiberglass ones.

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9/4/08 02:33 PM

This is such bs, the Trollsta Sideboard in canada is not only $100 more than in the states even though our dollar hovers around the same worth but is only available in bright yellow! Thank a bunch ikea, you, the walmart of furniture has just lost a customer. Don't worry though there are thousands of people willing to fill my place.

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8/4/08 05:54 PM

I can tell you from experience of living and looking for apartments in Toronto, that headboard as a room divider, will leave you with around a 4' x 12-15' space of uselessness. Studio's in Toronto are almost always either squares or short rectangles, you either turn them into convertible living rooms or full on bedrooms. Elaine's pad is nice but i'd eat my hat if its worth less than 400,000, but its probably closer to a million.

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7/21/08 05:54 PM

I recently visited an ikea in hopes of picking up a sofabed. I live in a small apartment in toronto and am in need of a stylish sleeping solution. I was hoping the "TYLÖSAND" would suffice. I talked to one of the employees for awhile about it as well as others... his exact words were that furniture wise, anything you buy from ikea that you think is cheaper than it should be is indeed that and that I shouldn't expect the TYLÖSAND to last more than 3 weeks of every night sleeping without major sagging.

My point is we all know ikea is a great source for affordable contemporary furniture but its not like they're some magical company. The rules still apply, you get what you pay for, anyone who's tried to move with an ikea shelving unit knows what I'm talkin about. If your prime concern is build quality, don't look at Ikea, if its money then by all means.

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12/6/07 06:48 PM

Lesley, you cannot carry a gun, this is not Texas nor the USA, Toronto is in Canada and although I'm all for natural environments and such I doubt if this had occurred in London, it would have been left alone. Her plants were obviously about to if not already encroaching on public property i.e., the sidewalk and boulevard (the boulevard belongs to the city) and from the picture, looks far from a 'natural garden' and more like a situation where the owner just didn't preen their garden or cut their grass. A natural garden where one lets the indigenous growth take hold is one thing, a lawn let run rapid using the "I don't want to, what, its natural" philosophy, is another.

Quite frankly, I’m a resident of Toronto and if I were to walk past this, I would have remarked that the person should perhaps buy a set of shears or something along those lines as it just looks overgrown.

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9/2/07 11:07 PM

The main issue I have with the majority of the prefab you see now a days is that its just a take off of something you would have seen 20 years ago only then they called it a trailer. Granted, elongated rectangular structures make sense in terms of production and transportation but are useless in any urban environment where lots are rarely large enough and in general look like, well, a prefab.

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8/28/07 04:50 PM