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Oh and the "blanket" is a fabric remnant from Joanns

Alisha's \"Funky & Fresh\" Room Room for Color Contest
10/21/13 11:53 AM

Hi everyone - Its Alisha. Sorry I did not realize I was even in the contest. I just received the entry email today for some crazy reason.
For anyone interested here is the source list:
Coach - Ikea Karlstad in gray sivik
Ottomans - Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I usually loath this store, but I received a gift card and found these little guys.
The 3d letters are from Joanns (wait for a sale I was able to get them for a buck each!) I used different paint samples I had laying around and secured them with double sided foam tape.
The painting on the top is a piece I made.
The rug is from Target.
The -keep calm- pillow is from Target.
The - freak out- and all other pillows are from TJ Maxx.
The striped curtains are DIY.

Any other questions feel free to ask. If anyone looks at this again that is :)

Alisha's \"Funky & Fresh\" Room Room for Color Contest
10/21/13 11:15 AM