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Very cute!

Also, it's wonderful to see my city on Apartment Therapy.

Cottage Chic Meets Glam in Wren's Room Kids Room Tour
3/4/14 07:20 PM

I usually cut the avacado in half, scoop out the good stuff from the side without the pit, and then use the empty shell kind of like a glove to pull the pit off the knife. No slimy hands!

Also, a trick a chef taught me if you want nice slices of avacado is to use a small paring knife to cut it well it's still in the shell (careful not to cut all the way through) and then scoop it out.

How To Remove an Avocado Pit with a Chef's Knife Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/24/14 12:11 PM

I've never even heard of a Buddha's hand. They're so cool looking, any suggestions where I could find one in Canada?

Seasonal Spotlight: Buddha's Hand
11/7/13 12:51 AM

I'm with a couple of the other commenters. Go for non-iodized salt (pure sea salt, kosher salt, etc.) You'll get more than enough iodine from other sources (milk, eggs, strawberries, etc. and any processed foods). Plus, if you're worried about not getting enough iodine, it's a good excuse to eat some delicious fast food french fries once in a while.

Should I Buy Iodized or Non-Iodized Salt? Good Questions
11/4/13 06:53 PM

I think that situation is a bit different. Your example makes total sense, everyone agrees that's how they want to spend their new years. Essentially you're just delegating one person to do the shopping, rather than appointing an ingredient or dish for each person to bring, but to invite someone over for dinner and ask them to bring cash seems pretty rude.

One person shouldn't necessarily have to shoulder all the financial burden for a large meal, and it's fine to ask guests to bring a bottle of wine or a side dish, but your house is not a restaurant, cash isn't mandatory.

A Friend Asked Me to Pay Cash for Thanksgiving Dinner. What Do I Do? Good Questions
11/4/13 06:48 PM

The hydaulic kitchen Island is pretty cool. But when would you ever need that?

10 Awesome IKEA Hacks for the Kitchen
10/20/13 12:29 AM

I'm with the pro-salt crew here. Unless he has health issues, there's no conclusive evidence that a low-sodium diet is any healthier.

Try not to take it personally, your boyfriend adding salt to his food isn't a reflection on your cooking abilities. Everyone has different taste buds as someone previous said. If he wants to add salt to his food, so what? Let him enjoy it.

That being said, if you have iodized table salt, take that crap and throw it out right now. Alternately, use it for cleaning your cast iron. If you're going to add salt to food, use good quality sea salt.

Help! How Can I Help My Boyfriend Kick His Salt Habit? Good Questions
10/18/13 09:14 PM

I second vanilla product USA. I ordered 1/4 lb vanilla beans from there a while ago for about $15. I think I counted close to 60 beans.

Aperitif Recipe: Vanilla-Pear Cava Sparkler The 10-Minute Happy Hour
10/18/13 02:05 PM