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I'm glad they left WI and MN off the list. Let's just keep that our little scandinavian secret!

United States of Design Road Trips: A Midwestern Route American Style
7/5/14 09:45 PM

yes, we need that rigatoni pasta recipe! making my mouth water!

Five New Cooking Habits I Brought Back from Rome Life in the Kitchen
6/12/14 07:10 PM

Hydrogen peroxide absolutely gets cat pee smell out of anything. Go for it!

Restoration Tips for Curbside-Find Credenza? Good Questions
4/17/14 09:33 AM

use a cording foot! makes nice, tight cording every time. also, sewing the cording shut, then sewing it in-between the fabric (if you did't already do it that way) works much better.

Before & After: MCM Chair Gets an Upholstery Redo
4/11/14 10:38 AM

Thanks for the feature, Faith! Just updated the photo to a prettier one (I am shooting new photos as we speak!) Feel free to update it if you'd like :)

5 Luxurious Stands for Pour Over Coffee (Plus Some Pour Over Basics) Coffee Gear
3/7/14 11:37 AM

Uh, doesn't everyone do this every night?

How To Make Your Work Week (Feel) Shorter Comment of the Day
1/13/14 06:00 PM

As a former child who would search for presents- the car trunk has definitely moved to the "obvious" category these days, and kids will search there the first chance they get :)

Gift Giving Guide: Best Hiding Places
11/22/13 09:00 AM

Tomato, avocado, smoked salt sandwiches are delicious, add a fried egg and it's even better.

Ideas for Grilled Sandwiches That Don't Use Cheese? Good Questions
10/21/13 12:22 PM

Am I the only one that thinks white cabinets are a nightmare in the kitchen? Ever try making Concorde grape juice in a kitchen with white cabinets? Stain city. We are due to remodel our kitchen next year and I cannot wait to get rid of our white cabinets!

Remodeling a Kitchen? 8 Trends To Avoid
10/17/13 04:06 PM